Typography 38 – The World’s Best Type and Typography

Typography 38 – The World’s Best Type and Typography

Release: 2017
Volume: 336 pages
Format: 21 × 28 cm
Price: 69.00 

Among graphic designers, book designers, packaging experts and type designers, one is considered the polar star of typography in the almost impenetrable jungle of design competitions. Because it consistently focuses on type & typo. Because, with low entry fees and zero publication costs, it doesn't focus on the financial assets of the competitors, as others do, but purely on typographic talent. Because the eleven jurors do not follow the rhetoric of the loudest, but their trained design conscience. And their strict eye. Craftsmanship is honored, as are innovative ideas.
An Award for Typographic Excellence from the TDC of NY is therefore a turbo accelerator for creative careers and the hard currency in the design scene. This makes it all the more inspiring to get to know the award winners. You should take your time for this. Look consciously. Analyze. Thinking, not imitating. In times of a flood of images from Instagram, the best way to do this is with a beautiful book - especially since the winning works cannot be found on the Internet.
This year, quite a few of the award-winning works skillfully play with retro trends. They quote other times without looking old. They give startups history through graphic design. Visual storytelling that is always convincing when done well. Handlettering is also back, right down to type design. In an increasingly slick world, the little quirks of handmade are welcome visual hooks for attention. Enjoy watching the type trends of the year in the latest yearbook from the prestigious Type Directors Club of New York!

This year, the book's design was in the hands of LeftLoft, an independent agency with studios in Milano and New York.



Verlag Hermann Schmidt




336 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 28 cm





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Typography 38 – The World’s Best Type and Typography