Unfog Your Mind

Volume: 224 pages
Format: 13,5 × 20 cm
Price: 29.80 

Mindshift for more joie de vivre and lightness of mind. From reactive to creative mindset with life hacks and applied creativity. Food for thought for a more conscious everyday life in personal responsibility and presence.
We do not see the world as it is, but as we are. Most of the things that cloud, spoil or screw up our everyday life exist only in our heads. But there they are well anchored and take away our view of what makes life easy and worth living. Until Leander Greitemann blows the fog away. With food for thought and stories. With practical tips and humor. With philosophy and psychology. And without excuses!
Others we cannot change – and some situations we cannot change, even if we try to do so quite often. But we can change ourselves. With a book that makes us aware of what we already know: Doing is like wanting to do – only more blatant!
With apparent ease Leander Greitemann leads you to the switchboard of power: into your head. To the places where you decide every day and every hour whether worries cloud your view or whether you switch to the mode that makes happiness possible – and almost guaranteed: the Bluebird mode.

Greitemann offers you twenty changes of perspective, scientifically founded, seasoned with his own experience and life hacks: For an everyday life in which personal responsibility and self-reflection pave the way to lust for life and ease. For satisfaction in partnership and profession. For applied creativity. For a sense of ease.

How did this book come about?
Leander Greitemann was a speaker at a conference in which Bertram took part. He captivated his audience. Bertram told about it and wrote him a letter. As a thank you for the thought-provoking impulses he enclosed a book: Letters in his head, along with an up-to-date list of publishers. In this book, Leander Greitemann discovered “Die Kunst, ein kreatives Leben zu führen” by Frank Berzbach.

Sometimes the world is small. Leander Greitemann lives and works in Mainz. And he owned the book, the design of which he had fallen so in love with years before, that he literally thought: “If I am going to write a book some day, it should feel so beautiful and be so beautifully designed!” – not knowing that it came from a publisher in Mainz...
We met for dinner and we talked. About applied creativity, about thought models and changes of perspective. We didn't talk about a book for a while. And then we did.
Leander Greitemann is bubbling over with ideas, he knows how to infect with his enthusiasm and he combines creativity and discipline. In this way, an idea very consistently became a manuscript. At some point in the middle of the project there was a day when fog took away my clear view, I was in a bad mood and grouchy. And I had a task in relation to this book. And I could see how this book was going to unfold its power. You cannot read Greitemann and (!) be in a bad mood. The fog lifted and I couldn't be grouchy any more. I'm telling you this because that was the moment when I understood: This will not only be a very good book, it will be a little miracle drug.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


Katrin Schacke


224 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

13,5 × 20 cm




high quality recycling paper


Glued flexcover