wire drawings

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In wire drawings, Ulrike Brückner deals with ‘utilitary’ photography, which is used on platforms such as eBay.

The artist first discovered the photogenic nature of cables on those platforms. The cables are often offered for sale displayed in boxes, piled in heaps or lying on the floor in private spaces. The cable photographs evoke for her virtuoso drawings or paintings with an expressive style. Ulrike Brückner appropriates these photographs by experimenting with motif and pictorial space, replacing the original surroundings with black, partially processed backgrounds and composing new visual worlds in the process. The contextual shift alters the view of the motifs and causes the multifaceted beauty of the cable arrangements to emerge. This effect is further enhanced by the serial presentation in “wire drawings”.
A further enlargement of the concept can be found in the eponymously titled edition. The artist has had one of the amateur pictures digitally reworked and presents a pile of cables as a large-format panel painting.
The publication is accompanied by the text ”Photos on the marketplace. Personal image aesthetics on eBay“ by Jens Ruchatz.
Photos for the website: born.studio


Ulrike Brückner


Ulrike Brückner




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