Yearbook-Bundle / Yearbook of Type llI & 2019/20

Release: 2018, 2019
Volume: 400 + 440 pages
Format: 16.8 × 24 cm
Price: 60.00 

The Yearbook of Type presents an independent selection of new digital typefaces created all over the world—from larger publishers to smaller, independent typographers and foundries. By now three compendia have been published—take the chance to purchase edition III & 2019/20 as a bundle at a reduced rate of only 60.– Euro.

Detailed information about Yearbook of Type III
Detailed information about Yearbook of Type 2019/20

The comprehensive compendia present a well curated overview that gives an impression of the typeface and its appearance on paper. The emotional and well constructed informative presentation of the typefaces serve designers and agencies as a source of inspiration and help select the right typeface. As a catalog and reference work the books are also of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of typesetting and the latest in typeface design.

With the release of Yearbook of Type III, a small online microsite has been published that leads to the type’s or foundry’s website, to simplify the connection between print and web and to help the user to select, try, or buy a typeface.

Content of the books:
– Detailed presentation of recent typefaces from all over the world
– Ample background information
– Index with classification
– Index of all designers and type foundries
– Explanation of all OpenType features
– Essays and articles by renowned experts from the type design field


Slanted Publishers


400 + 440 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16.8 × 24 cm


2018, 2019



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