Slanted Magazine #34—Europe, 2019, UK

It’s Nice That

Yearbook of Type 2019/20, 2019, UK

Holmen Paper

Slanted Publications, 2019, SE


TOTOAL ARMAGEDDON—A Slanted Reader on Design, 2019, UK


Yearbook of Type III, 2018, TR

TGM Typografische Gesellschaft München

Yearbook of Type III, 2018, DE


Yearbook of Type III, 2018, IT

Die Schreibmaschine

Slanted Magazine Tokyo, 2018, DE

Edizioni del Frisco

Slanted Magazine Tokyo, 2018, IT


Photodarium, 2016, DE

AAP Archive Artist Publications

Slanted Magazine, 2013, DE


Slanted Magazine, 2012, DE


It’s Nice That

Julia Kahl’s bookshelf, 2019, UK

Polaroid Originals Magazine

Interview with Boris Kahl, 2019, NL

It’s Nice That

Interview with Lars Harmsen, 2018, UK


Interview with Julia Kahl, 2018, CN


Interview with Julia Kahl, 2017, DE


Podcast with Julia Kahl, 2016, DE


Interview with Lars Harmsen, 2016, DE

Perpetual Beta

Interview with Julia Kahl, 2015, US


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Slanted Logo

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Slanted Redesign

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Slanted Magazine #34—Europe

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Yearbook of Type 2019/20

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Slanted Special Issue Rwanda

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Photodarium 2020

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Play Life—Neighbors form the Western Balkans

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TOTAL ARMAGEDDON—A Slanted Reader on Design

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Slanted Magazine #33—Prague

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Slanted Magazine #32 – Dubai

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Typodarium 2019

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Photodarium 2019

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Slanted Magazine #31 – Tokyo

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Yearbook of Type III

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Slanted Magazine #30 – Athens

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Berlin Design Digest

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Slanted Magazine #29 – Helsinki

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Slanted Magazine #28 – Warsaw

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Slanted Magazine #27 – Portugal

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