PICNIC #14 – Red 2014 365

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Die Selbstporträt-Serie RED des Fotografen Hideo Anze zeigt keine typischen Selbstporträts, sondern eine Nahaufnahme einer seiner Finger, der über der Kameralinse liegt und redefiniert damit das Porträt im digitalen Zeitalter.

At first glance, the photographs from Hideo Anze's selfportrait series RED don't look anything like typical selfportraits. Abstract flares of the title color cover each frame from edge to edge, with elegant leaks and wisps of light breaking up the tonal uniformity. (…) Each of his 'portraits' is actually a close-up image of the artist's finger, which has been disruptively placed over the camera lens and photographed using the available light. (…) With RED, Anze is redefining portraiture for the digital age, going beyond the symbolic avatar, to a place where the fragments of a disembodied networked presence can readily stand in for the original. While his fields of eye-popping red might distract us with their sinuous topologies of color, his images signal the quiet reordering of the factors we use to define ourselves. (From the essay of Loring Knoblauch, Founder/Publisher, Collector Daily)

PICNIC # 14 
Red 2014 365 by Hideo Anze

Herausgeber: Trademark Publishing
Gestaltung: Hideo Anze
Format: 210 x 280 mm
Umfang: 56 Seiten 
ISBN: 978-3-9817475-7-7
Preis: 17,– Euro 



Buy: € 17,00 including Tax 7%, excluding shipping costs