Meltdown Flags

Visualizing Global Glacier Retreat
Meltdown Flags is a climate data initiative that visualizes the effects of global glacier retreat by reducing the amount of white in…


komma#24 revolves around the topic of censorship. Information supervision and surveillance through the government, self-censorship, societal pressure and freedom of opinion. On…

Technology and Research in Art and Design

At ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne
The book Technology and Research in Art and Design reports on the latest research projects at ECAL / University of Art and…

Brand Design Master Class

Volkswagen Rebranding
The Brand Design Master Class will give an exclusive look on the rebranding of Volkswagen and how to shape a mobility brand…

Font Publication ABK Stuttgart

Typefaces of the second year Communication Design course
The Font Publication ABK Stuttgart includes the fonts created by the second year Communication Design at ABK Stuttgart in 2018. Every year…

Mia Seeger Prize

Call for Entries
The Mia Seeger Prize goes into the next round: student works can be submitted until 17th of April, 2020. Then the six-member…

CXI Conference 2020 #12

Corporate & Brand Identity Conference
The largest European corporate and brand identity conference CXI is entering it’s twelfth round and will again present outstanding branding case studies.…

Call for Entries Stiftung Buchkunst 2020

Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher and Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung
The Stiftung Buchkunst now invites you to participate in its two competitions Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2020 (The Most Beautiful German Books…

Parcours Winter 2020

Graduate Exhibition of the Münster School of Design
On behalf of all graduates, Parcours invites you to the exhibition of the bachelor’s theses from the fields of Illustration, communication-, Media- and…


A Typography Special Edition
The well worth reading, elaborately designed and carefully produced 13th edition of the GUM magazine, “GUM13,” published by the Institut für Buchgestaltung…

Ost Deutsch Now

East German Now
Sebastian Jung and the publisher Kerber released the book “Ost Deutsch Now” (engl. “East German Now.”) When asked, “What is East German…


Final exhibition of HSRM Wiesbaden
A beam of light flashes up. It strikes the prism, is refracted and fans out. What emerges is something new: Light in…

Typotable No. 4

Print meets Motion
Typotable No. 4—Print meets Motion is part of the independent lecture series Typotable, where current type design and typography positions are shown…

item Magazin #1

item (Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) is the new student magazine of the Department of…

Werkschau 2020 FH Bielefeld

save the date: January 31st
Once again, graduates of the department of design of the University of Applied Sciences FH Bielefeld will present their theses in the…

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

A Berlin-Born Infographic Book Drives Climate and Energy Transition Discussions
The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book (IETCB) is a unique visual communication and education tool that uses infographics to engage people of all ages in the conversation…

I’d write OR The Setting Sun of the Alphabet

Does writing has a future?
The question “Does writing has a future?” is the starting point for contemporary archaeological and experimental research on the subject of writing…

Praktikum bei Slanted Publishers 2020

Slanted Publishers hat ein 6-monatiges Praktikum im Bereich Redaktion/Grafik ab März 2020 zu vergeben: Wir suchen eine(n) engagierte(n) Studierende(n) mit großem Interesse…

komma Magazine Special Edition – Spam

komma is a student magazine of the Faculty of Design at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. The komma Magazine Special Edition which…

1.768 birthday letters

Freefonts in Bauhaus style by designkrefeld
In the Typography class at the Department of Design of the Hochschule Niederrhein, 68 typefaces were created on the anniversary of 100…

Walz-Stipendium 2020—Scholarship

Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V.
In 2018, the Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V. announced a “Walz-Stipendium” (a typesetting scholarship) for the first time. The aim of…

From 0 to 100!

Poster Award Exhibition “100 beste Plakate” in Karlsruhe
From October 11th to October 20th, 2019, the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design invites you to the “100 beste Plakate 18…
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