Feminist Findings Zine

Uncovering Unknown Histories of Feminist Print Periodicals
Feminism is on everyone’s lips today and we think that this is a normal state of being. We like to forget the…

Case and Turbine

Fontwerk’s brand-new typeface launch
Just a few weeks after Fontwerk has launched with ten type families, the foundry is growing fast and surprises again with brand-new…


Typeface debut by In-House International
Ragtag is an adventurous display typeface that’s fun, graphic, and loud. Each letter is unique and designed so it composes beautifully with…


Poster Platform against Racism
FCK RCSM PSTR is a poster platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement. You can download these posters for free to…

Posto giusto per

An Italian project of urban regeneration involving citizens through street art
Streets become a magic board inviting the community to share its hopes and dreams: this is the concept of “Posto giusto per”—which,…


International Type Design and German Font Engineering
In July, the new type foundry Fontwerk was founded by Ivo Gabrowitsch in Berlin. They advertise with modern fonts and innovative type…

Adapter World

By Rosetta Type Foundry
Adapter World is a design program involving an international team of designers and consultants who work with Rosetta Type Foundry to provide…

Allrounder Grotesk

by Moritz Kleinsorge
Meet Allrounder Grotesk, a decent and modest font and the first member of the multipurpose Allrounder superfamily. A workhorse that lives up…


Multi-Genre Type Family
Relaate is a multi-genre type family by Alex Slobzheninov. It’s a bundle of fonts which share certain features while each of them…


design conference
On March 7th 2020 TOCA ME 20 design conference will take place in Munich‘s Alte Kongresshalle with renown speakers from all over…

Metamorphosis. Brazil 1998

By Andrea Altemüller
The exhibition “Metamorphosis. Brazil 1998” in the Weltmuseum Wien is the first time the series of photos “earth from my river” and…


For three years now, the Black Matter publishing house and the Risography Studio Herr & Frau Rio have been publishing colourful calendars…

100 beste Plakate 2019

Austria, Germany, Switzerland
In about 4 weeks the competition “100 beste Plakate 2019 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz” will start, the exact dates are yet to be…

Forward Festival Berlin 2020

Festival for creativity, design and communication
Interdisciplinary and diverse just like the city itself: The Forward Festival Berlin as a forum for the city and its people. This…

Praktikum bei Slanted Publishers 2020

Slanted Publishers hat ein 6-monatiges Praktikum im Bereich Redaktion/Grafik ab März 2020 zu vergeben: Wir suchen eine(n) engagierte(n) Studierende(n) mit großem Interesse…

Charity Creative Award

Participate and do something good! This counts for the Charity Creative Award (CCA) of CEWE-PRINT.de in favour of the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe.…

Bauhaus 4.0 meets Typography & Web Design

Universal and integrative
In search of the interface of tomorrow. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, accessibility takes place in Arial. Period. But…

Im wahrsten Sinne des Zeichens

Signs of intelligence in Leipzig
A giant puzzle as a game with meaning, consisting of symbols, icons, and pictograms—hieroglyphics of our time, familiar to us from traffic…

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

This year we were at the 71st Frankfurt Book Fair and have looked around for you in hall 4.1 to discover new…

Designers’ Open 2019

With the graphic conference POSITIONS
From October 25th–27th, 2019 Leipzig will once again be all about design, then the Designers’ Open at KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig will…

Walz-Stipendium 2020—Scholarship

Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V.
In 2018, the Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V. announced a “Walz-Stipendium” (a typesetting scholarship) for the first time. The aim of…

100 beste Plakate 18

Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
Every year the association 100 Beste Plakate e. V. presents awards to honor the most innovative and groundbreaking poster designs from Germany,…
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