Breakout—100 Posters Book

A Compilation of Experimental Typography and Complex Compositions by Cihan Tamti
As it is a common habitat in the graphic design branch, starting to build a business can be tough, especially while being…

Leafy House Plants

Reissue of a Botanical Encyclopedia by Benjamin Wurster
Nature is one of the most multi-faceted sources of inspiration that exist on our planet: endlessly complex yet simple, exciting and unique…


Unconventional Alpine Landscapes
For two years, with their 4 × 5 large format camera in their luggage, a lot of patience and great physical effort,…

Feminist Findings Zine

Uncovering Unknown Histories of Feminist Print Periodicals
Feminism is on everyone’s lips today and we think that this is a normal state of being. We like to forget the…


A Portrait of the Most Powerful Man in the World Through His Own Words
Right on time for election day, studio lindhorst-emme published a book, which could be seen like a summary of the concerning past…

SAMT Magazine

Insight into HAW Hamburg’s studies of design
Visibility, appreciation, and networking. SAMT Magazine shows what is developed, designed, conceived, and implemented at the Design Department of HAW Hamburg. It…

Slanted Magazine #36—COEXIST

Autumn/Winter 2020/21
COEXIST—to live or exist together, in peace, at the same time, or in the same place. The first time in our lives…


Eine Annäherung
Table salt, cooking salt, or table salt, generally speaking simply “salt,” is the spice used in the kitchen for human nutrition as…

Drifting East

A Journeyman’s Travelogue by Paul Voggenreiter
Five countries. Seven cities. Drifting East—A journeyman’s travelogue is the documentation of a graphic design master student’s trip through Southeast Europe. Inspired…

PUBLIC—Editorial Design from Cairo 

Premaster project about the world of publishing
Publishing can take a myriad of forms and formats, which are united in the act of making things public. Referring to the…


Retrospective on the photographic work of Christian Werner
Familiar faces, anonymous portraits, abandoned landscapes, animals and urban spaces—EVERYTHING SO DEMOCRATIC AND COOL designed by Matthias Last’s Studio Last sketches an associative…

Designing Sustainable Cities

Seven research contributions on socio design and urban planning
The fact that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities, the subject of “sustainable urban design” is an…

Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Rubén Sánchez unusual diary—a collection of 28 artsy sketchbooks in one
“These pages were never intended to be public so it’s kind of a personal exercise here. I like the idea of people…

Corporate Language

The Practice Book
Corporate Language is the interface of the future for companies! Companies that successfully position themselves in the market have one thing in…


A Fishing Village in Apulia
Monopoli is an Apulian city and not a board game, because this is written at the end with a “y.” Also, you…

Munken Rebranding and Munken Sans

The Paper Company Kicks off the New Munken CoLab
This year Munken amazes with a rebranding that has it all. Collaboration, diversity, and unique experiences formed the roots of the creative…

Typodarium 2021

Daily Typo-Inspiration for 2021
As trend radar and typo-inspiration, as up-to-date-keeper and as eye-catcher on designer tables the Typodarium has conquered its firm place—and designers are…

Wer bitte ist Rudolf Koch?

Homage to one of the most influential type designers in Offenbach
The new book Wer bitte ist Rudolf Koch? meets the concern that one of the most influential persons in Offenbach’s cultural history…

Magalog DDC Award Gute Gestaltung 2019

formdusche developed a new DDC MAG format
For the Deutscher Designer Club Award Gute Gestaltung 2019 yearbook the design studio formdusche invented a whole new format, by adding an…

Typologie, a Typographic Palette

Contemporary French Type Design
Through more than a hundred unique font specimens, Typologie, a Typographic Palette is an immersion in contemporary French type design, in its…

Digital Underground Vol. 1

The New Approach to The Discipline of Digital Design
In Digital Underground Vol. 1, editor and art director Vincent Tavano reflects on the new approach to the discipline of digital design…

SAND Issue 21

Ten Years of Literature and Art
To mark a decade of publishing SAND, the editors are calling 2020 their “year of archaeology” and have filled SAND Issue 21…
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