Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program

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International design magazine Slanted & Kickstarter are teaming up to launch an open-call for graphic designers, typographers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and art directors who…

Cali Chronicles

The hidden sides of Los Angeles
In his new book Cali Chronicles, the photographer Tobias Bärmann set out in search for the hidden sides of Los Angeles, famed…

Font Publication ABK Stuttgart

Typefaces of the second year Communication Design course
The Font Publication ABK Stuttgart includes the fonts created by the second year Communication Design at ABK Stuttgart in 2018. Every year…

Cast it #3

History and culture of type by CAST Foundry
Cast it #3 is a publication discussing the history and culture of type and it is a specimen showing the CAST typefaces…

Surfing Bauhaus – Hessen + Typography

A compilation of essays, links, data, references, and anecdotes
Every day, new artifacts related to the Bauhaus surface online, and with the 100th anniversary of the school, the number is reaching…


Typeface & Specimen Book
Turning past into present with typography and photography. The title “Squadron,” that appears in the 1942 documentary on Czechoslovak airmen in Great…

In 20 Posters Around the World

Limited poster edition for ENTKUNSTUNG
ENTKUNSTUNG is an independent forum for art criticism and practice based in Berlin and Vienna. On the occasion of the publication of…

Fruit Exhibition Bologna 2020

Independent Art Book Fair
Fruit Exhibition Bologna 2020 is the annual independent art book fair of Bologna, taking place from May 29th to 31st. Open to…


Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung
The book “Lesbar – Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung” (engl.: legible—typography in knowledge transfer) explains the effects of didactic typography. What if we…


A Typography Special Edition
The well worth reading, elaborately designed and carefully produced 13th edition of the GUM magazine, “GUM13,” published by the Institut für Buchgestaltung…

Ost Deutsch Now

East German Now
Sebastian Jung and the publisher Kerber released the book “Ost Deutsch Now” (engl. “East German Now.”) When asked, “What is East German…

Branded Protest

The Power of Branding and its Influence on Protest Movements
Branded Protest is a reference tool for the branding of current protest developments in context with historic relevant protest movements by Ingeborg…

The Process

Unused and unseen ideas, created during the branding process
The Process is a series of books showcasing the unused and unseen ideas, concepts, mockups and sketches that are created during the…

Analog Algorithm

Source-Related Grid Systems
Analog Algorithm—Source-Related Grid Systems is a tool kit to create new forms. It deals with grid-based design and gives the reader techniques…

item Magazin #1

item (Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) is the new student magazine of the Department of…

The Assembled Human

The ambivalent relationship between humans and machines
With The Assembled Human the Museum Folkwang inquires into the ambivalent relationship between humans and machines. It’s a conflicted relationship, fluctuating between…


Volumes VI, VII & VIII
Those in search for the essence of humanity will discover beauty and ugliness, light and shadow on the way towards it. For…

Origen México

An Atlas of Illumination
This book originates from the most profound love of land and identity. Origen México is a convergence of talents, passions, thoughts, textures,…

Contemporary Elderly

Contemporary Elderly is a series of colorized photographs of older people shot by Louis De Belle in the streets of Milano. An…

West-Berlin Graphic-Design

New volume of the A5 series
Together with his students at the Department of Design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Jens Müller researched the history of…

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

A Berlin-Born Infographic Book Drives Climate and Energy Transition Discussions
The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book (IETCB) is a unique visual communication and education tool that uses infographics to engage people of all ages in the conversation…
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