By Rosetta Type Foundry
Adelphi was conceived in 2012, at a time when when the UK was enjoying something of a cultural renaissance, following the London…

Typeface of the Month: Game Time

All passion and frenzied heads blasting flecks of au jus into the faces of the temporally confused because it’s our Typeface of…

Bedow Head and Bedow Hand

by Bedow and Kanon Foundry
Design studio Bedow turns 15 years this month and is celebrating with two new typefaces: Bedow Head and Bedow Hand interpret the…

May, The Victory Font

by RT and Contrast Foundry
Berlin, May 1945. Victorious soldiers leave inscriptions on the Reichstag walls. Today most of these inscriptions can be seen only in photo…

New Kansas

100 Year Celebration of Cooper
To celebrate the centennial of Cooper Black, one of the world’s most famous and best loved typefaces, Newlyn releases the first refresh…

26. Leipziger Typotage

Turn by turn. Typography and navigation
On Saturday, April 25th, 2020, the 26. Leipziger Typotage will focus on typography as a medium for orientation in digital and analog…

Adapter World

By Rosetta Type Foundry
Adapter World is a design program involving an international team of designers and consultants who work with Rosetta Type Foundry to provide…

Typotable No.5

Lettering meets Lettering
Typotable No.5 —Lettering meets Lettering is part of the independent lecture series Typotable, where current type design and typography positions are shown…

Berlin Letters Festival 2020

Lectures & Workshops
Berlin Letters Festival 2020 is a festival for lettering, type design, calligraphy and sign painting. Three days of inspiration, fun and skill…

Typeface of the Month: NewsSans

by Character Type
Our Typeface of the Month: NewsSans is a multi-tool typeface system incorporating no fewer than 90 styles. It was designed to allow…

17. Tag der Schrift

Lectures and Workshops
The 17. Tag der Schrift has been postponed. It will be hold in November 21st, 2020 where the organizers can offer the…

Font Publication ABK Stuttgart

Typefaces of the second year Communication Design course
The Font Publication ABK Stuttgart includes the fonts created by the second year Communication Design at ABK Stuttgart in 2018. Every year…

“Was macht eigentlich …?” Exhibition

Hamburg’s store signs
In 2010, designer Chris Campe photographed over 1,000 store signs in Hamburg and published a typographic portrait of the city in the…

Cast it #3

History and culture of type by CAST Foundry
Cast it #3 is a publication discussing the history and culture of type and it is a specimen showing the CAST typefaces…

Surfing Bauhaus – Hessen + Typography

A compilation of essays, links, data, references, and anecdotes
Every day, new artifacts related to the Bauhaus surface online, and with the 100th anniversary of the school, the number is reaching…


Typeface & Specimen Book
Turning past into present with typography and photography. The title “Squadron,” that appears in the 1942 documentary on Czechoslovak airmen in Great…

Allrounder Grotesk

by Moritz Kleinsorge
Meet Allrounder Grotesk, a decent and modest font and the first member of the multipurpose Allrounder superfamily. A workhorse that lives up…


By nice to type
Blow is a dynamic sans serif in five weights. Rooted in medieval style, Blow shifts from firm forms into smooth curves and…

Geogrotesque Expanded Series

by Emtype Foundry
Emtype Foundry introduces the new Geogrotesque Expanded Series, that comes in three widths: Wide, Extended and Expanded, that go between 120% and…


Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung
The book “Lesbar – Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung” (engl.: legible—typography in knowledge transfer) explains the effects of didactic typography. What if we…

Typeface of the Month: Marble

by URW Type Foundry
Our Typeface of the Month: Marble is a new versatile sans serif of the URW Asterisk Type Collection. How do you introduce…

Typostammtisch Hamburg 2020

Every Two Months: Typography, Lettering, Design
If you like typography and want to talk about letters without apologizing for being nerdy—mark your calendar and join us at Typostammtisch…


A Typography Special Edition
The well worth reading, elaborately designed and carefully produced 13th edition of the GUM magazine, “GUM13,” published by the Institut für Buchgestaltung…
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