TypeTech Munich MeetUp 2020

The TypeTech MeetUp has been postponed. It will be hold in November, in cooperation with the Dynamic Fontday of the Typographische Gesellschaft…


by Production Type
Crisp and serrated, Tesseract is a study in modernity and restraint. As it plunged into classical references, it earned its contemporaneity through…

Type Drives Culture Conference 2020

The Changing Faces of Typography
The Type Directors Club celebrates the undeniable significance of typography around the world. The TDC is a global community of experts and enthusiasts…

The Process

Unused and unseen ideas, created during the branding process
The Process is a series of books showcasing the unused and unseen ideas, concepts, mockups and sketches that are created during the…

Saturday Type Fever 2020

Second Edition—Review
On your marks—get set—Type Design! On January 17th and 18th the second edition of Saturday Type Fever at the Karlsruhe University of…

Typotable No. 4

Print meets Motion
Typotable No. 4—Print meets Motion is part of the independent lecture series Typotable, where current type design and typography positions are shown…

Typeface of the Month: Arkit

This Sans Serif gives you both: a geometric, working horse that fits in any point size and becomes a special and playful…


Variable Serif Typeface by Pangram Pangram
Grafier is a variable serif typeface which was released in January 2019, published by Pangram Pangram foundry, founded by designer Mathieu Desjardins…


Multi-Genre Type Family
Relaate is a multi-genre type family by Alex Slobzheninov. It’s a bundle of fonts which share certain features while each of them…

Supernett revised

Supernett by FaceType is now available in three weights, two widths, Uprights and Italics. The handmade family is tailored for large font sizes…

I’d write OR The Setting Sun of the Alphabet

Does writing has a future?
The question “Does writing has a future?” is the starting point for contemporary archaeological and experimental research on the subject of writing…

Typeface of the Month: Lawabo

by Schriftlabor
Detailed technical implementation and extensive expansion in combination with playful curves make our Typeface of the Month in December a very special…

Othmar Motter

Meister der Extrabold
Tektura, Ombra, Corpus and Femina. While these fonts are world famous and widely popular, the man behind them, Othmar Motter (1927–2010), is…

Tÿpo St.Gallen—Balance

For the fifth time already the Tÿpo St.Gallen took place on the weekend of the 8th to the 10th of November, this…

Typeface of the Month: Blacker Pro

by Zetafonts
Blacker Pro is the result of a journey into the history of the “Evil Serifs,” whose origins date back to the 15th…


Injurial was designed by Sandrine Nugue during the editorial design of a novel by Boll, published by Tripode, in 2014. This humorous…

Yearbook of Type 2019/20

Out now!
At a time when it has never been easier to design, publish, and distribute typefaces, standing out as a designer is now…

Bridge Head and Text

Bridge Text and Head, a rocking duo for sparkling stories in a crisp tone and a must-have for expressive editorial typography! Bridge…

Typodarium 2020

Brexit and Trump’s Wall—it seems that borders around the world are currently being closed rather than permeable. It’s a good thing that…

Eastern Design Conference 2019

A place where global design meets local context
Eastern Design Conference focuses on design and its context—on people and places, their connections, origin stories, and history. With this in mind,…

1.768 birthday letters

Freefonts in Bauhaus style by designkrefeld
In the Typography class at the Department of Design of the Hochschule Niederrhein, 68 typefaces were created on the anniversary of 100…

On the Road to Variable

The Flexible Future of Typography
On the 16th of September 2016, Adobe, Google, Apple, and Microsoft announced a new update to the OpenType specification that would allow…

Typeface of the Month: Halvar

by TypeMates
The Halvar family stands firm, serious, and self-confident on paper and impresses with its unobtrusive clarity. The total of 162 styles offer…
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