Typeface of the Month: Heldane

Klim Type Foundry
“Like the Neanderthal face, Heldane is a hybrid, a bastard, a fabrication. I vultured my way through history picking the bones from…

vom blättern und wischen

An exhibition of analogue and digital books
From May 3rd to June 2nd, 2019 the book laboratory of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts present an exhibition…

The Future of Typography

Interviews from the World of Typography
Technical and cultural processes always reflected form and handling with typography. Besides other design disciplines and art, typography definitely is to be…

Slanted Shopping Thursday

Typotopografie, Symbolwelt Bangladeschs & 20+1
Today is a perfect day to browse across our Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we present you three books of…

Avengers Endgame

The Battle of Fonts
The Endgame is near. With less than a week until its release, Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame managed to create a real hype…

Making of

Slanted Magazine #33—Prague
Slanted Magazine #33—Prague is at the printer right now! Its red and blue cover shines as bright as the Moldau floating through…

Slanted Shopping Thursday

Bauhaus books—Lars Müller Publishers
Today is a perfect day to browse across our Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we present you five Bauhaus books,…


by Detail Type Foundry
Detail Type Foundry (detail) is the type design institute of Kamimura & Co., an independent design studio based in Japan. They create…

Walbaum Weekend

100 Years Bauhaus
The Walbaum weekends are a series of events organized by the Printmaking Museum “Pavillon-Presse” in Weimar. They combine the imparting of theoretical…

ISType 2019

This year ISType has an exciting list of presentations and workshops to announce revolving around this edition’s theme: axis. It is taking…

Slanted Shopping Thursday

Reportagen #45, Upstart, LOST Magazine #5 & Pixel, Patch und Pattern
Today is a perfect day to browse across our Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we present you two magazines and…

25th Typotage Leipzig

Typography and Zeitgeist
The 25th Typotage Leipzig celebrate their 2019 anniversary: on Saturday, 11 May, the 25th edition of the conference will take place in the Museum…

Library of Shapes, Texts, and Structures

exhibition opening
A—Z is a new space in Berlin for experimental graphic design. For the opening this new exhibition-spot will host the exhibition “Library…

Typeface of the Month: Study

XYZ Type
Although the technologies for producing type have become far more expedient, the techniques for designing type are essentially the same. While developing Study, our new Typeface…


Pulpo is a Clarendon style typeface with the skeleton of Century Schoolbook. Longer extenders give text a bit more air to breathe…

100 Ways to Move an A

The project “100 Ways to Move an A” by Ricardo Meyer questions the results-oriented design and puts the process in the foreground. It…

Typotable No. 1

Current positions on font design and typography
Starting with Typotable №1, Berlin based type designer Ulrike Rausch will talk about her love for handmade craft and passion for sophisticated…


by Metis Foundry
Texel is a condensed brutalist display typeface that began life as a studio-io branding concept. Drawing inspiration from military bunkers, utilitarian architecture,…

EDCH—The Idea Salon—Review

Editorial Design Conference EDCH 2019
For the first time the Editorial Design Conference EDCH took place at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) in Munich from…

Sofa Serif

2017 Sofa Sans has been released by FaceType, now Georg Herold-Wildfellner has drawn Sofa Serif in 25 handmade weights and with a lot of…

Passau Posters

The love for his hometown Passau, the love for exceptionally designed posters and the love for good typography inspired Manuel Kreuzer to…

Variable Emojis

For a less stereotype world
Variable Emojis are the emojis of the future! Created as a Variable Font, they give the users over thousands of options to…

Tag der Druckkunst

Events on the occasion of the first anniversary
On Friday, March 15th, 2019, we will celebrate the “Tag der Druckkunst” (Day of the Art of Printing) for the first time.…

Massimo Grafia

Massimo Grafia is a linear-grotesque typeface in four weights, combining powerful hand-drawn forms with rigorous graphic precision. The neutral basic for professional…
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