• Novecento Carved is a minimalist and easy-to-use layered font family.It must be paired with Novecento Sans, used as base layer.Each glyph of each style of Novecento Carved (around 18.000) was manually reviewed and adjusted after the first interpolation.Of course Novecento Carved fully covers Novecento Sans glyphs in its 32 styles, including its Opentype features too. As the base layer –Novecento...

    2 years 27 weeks ago in Typography

  • After 2 years of work, finally Novecento slab font family is published.Novecento was also improved, expanded and republished with the name of Novecento Sans. Discover them at

    4 years 44 weeks ago in Typography

  • Ergonomy and web design for the NKo fashion brand new e-commerce site. Key goals were to improve the former website’s user experience, to show bigger product images and fabric details, to improve the digital brand’s image. More infos and images here:...

    5 years 28 weeks ago in Interactive

  • Visual identity and iPhone App design for the startup Eat² (click for more info).

    5 years 42 weeks ago in Interactive

  • This is the website for an independent photo festival — Mois de la Photo-OFF — taking place in Paris each 2 years in November and from 10 years.   Our aim was to put all the cutting edge technologies inside this site: it’s fully responsive (it has 7 media queries steps...

    5 years 45 weeks ago in Interactive

  • I’ve recently added lots of colours and delicate animation effects to my new creative studio presentation page to make it warmer and playful. Comments are welcome.

    6 years 32 weeks ago in Graphics

  • Novecento is an uppercase-only opentype font family of 32 styles, 471 glyphs, 12 Opentype features, diacritics for ...

    6 years 46 weeks ago in Typography