Isabel Seliger

  • Various works from 2014 - 15

    3 years 8 weeks ago in Illustration

  • A selection of drawings for an ongoing project called "Anywhere but Here".    

    3 years 8 weeks ago in Illustration

  • Various works from 2012-13 

    4 years 46 weeks ago in Illustration

  • We float in a visual world full of images of unknown origin. Sometimes they are fragments of memories we can’t recognize as ours or as those of others. They’re not more than the flashing of what has been or ever will be. They’re a spinney of impressions impossible to ungarble. But each of those images is the beginning of a new story. 48 pages, b/w, 21 x 14 cmsaddle stitch...

    5 years 49 weeks ago in Illustration

  • There is a very special place, where wondrous things can happen. Everyone of us has been there, at least once. Sometimes you`ll extensively visit this place in your dreams, and sometimes you`ll just see it flashing brightly in the corner of your eye. However, sometimes you should really try to take your time in making this voyage. sbmatw, 52 pages, b/w, 18x25 cmsaddle stitch ...

    6 years 3 weeks ago in Illustration