•   Fox Sans Pro – an upgraded version of Fox Sans TRF (2008), with careful refinements to glyph shapes and extension of glyph amounts, which enabled support of more Latin languages as well as support of Cyrillic. Four more styles have been added to the original six styles. Typeface is released in OpenType format with some OpenType features.

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  • COLÓN is a Slab Serif type family of three weights with matching italics. The typeface design was influenced by the nostalgia for the aesthetic of a typewriter. Colón extended family consists of two sub-families: Colón (proportional glyphs sets) and Colón Mono with monospaced glyphs sets. Colón is released in OpenType format with extended support for most Latin languages, and includes some...

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  • Fox TRF is upright italic typeface with extralight, light, regular, bold and black weight styles. The most distinguished Fox characteristic is the lowercase letters. Their curly, playful and vivid letter forms were derived from handwritten lettering then carefully shaped and adapted onto sans serif category. Designed in 2009 and available at MyFonts.

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  • Compass is a geometric contrast serif typeface - "contemporary Didone". Type family consists of four styles - regular, italic, alternate and flourish initials with small caps. Compass is recommended for use as display typeface. It is suggested that flourish initials font to be used for decorative purpose only, not basic typesetting.   Designed in 2009 and available at MyFonts.

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  • Decima is a condensed geometric San Serif display typeface. Family consists of three subfamilies - Decima Sans, Decima Plus and Decima Mono. Decima built in three weights and six styles. The letterforms in roman style are techno in appearance, while italics remind one of handwriting (which is evident in lowercase g, y, z whose loops resemble real italics). Decima+ is an upright variation of...

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  • Arlequin is a high-contrast sans serif decorative font. The most distinguished characteristic of this typeface is its lowercase letters. Their shapes, a  high-contrast clash of bold angular fragments with arched thin counterparts, make for a dramatic impact on entire font visual impression. Arlequin is recommended for use as a headline or short-text font. Designed in 2010, available at...

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  • Ultima Pro is a geometric sans serif typeface family of eight styles – light, regular, bold and black in roman and italic respectably.  Ultima Pro typeface is an upgrade addition to Ultima family (2010). All glyphs have gone through shape refinements, and the amount of glyphs was significantly extended, which enabled support of more Latin languages as well as full support of Cyrillic. ...

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  • The Meez is a geometric extremely extended sans-serif typeface strictly intended for use as a display font. The family consists of three styles: Light, Regular & Bold. In each weight all letterforms retain the same width, which make it ideal for titling use. Designed in 2009 and available at MyFonts.

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  • Neubau is a condensed geometric display typeface, designed in 2009. The inspiration for this face came from Joost Schmidt lowercase letters developed during 1925-28 in Bauhaus Dessau. Schmidt was one of the proponents of New Typography ñ a movement advocating the use of only lowercase letters which were constructed strictly geometrically using only ruler and compass. Neubau family consists of...

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  • Fermo family - geometric, angular, techno-stylish display typeface includes two subfamilies: Fermo TRF and Fermo-Uni TRF. Both fonts consist of three weight styles - light, regular and bold. Designed 2002. Available at MyFonts.

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