Lost Spring

2020 was a strange year. Starting off as self-therapy to cope with nameless solitude this body of work evolved into a documentation of 10 odd weeks. 10 weeks that didn’t line up with any other weeks before.

Alexander Kilian lives and works as a still life and fashion photographer in Berlin. His photographic work is characterized by the precise combination between structures and colors captured together with the playful use of light and shadows. His photographs are always highly composed and arranged but still contain the feeling of a snapshot, almost like he’s stumbled across an immaculate plant or table already set up.

Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box


The “Italo Summer Dreams Postcard Box” is a series about loving and longing. Dreams of Capri, Sirmione, dreams of Bellini e bacione. A series for the ones you love. Per sempre.

KOEKKOEK is a director and photographer based in Berlin and Vienna.
KOEKKOEK was bird of the year 2008.
KOEKKOEK is dutch for cuckoo.

Flughafen Tegel

FLUGHAFEN TEGEL – “Otto Lilienthal”
During the spring of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport looked like a stranded spacecraft. Once a symbol of the fluid mobility of the West and an homage to both the automobile and the airplane, the usually crowded airport was suddenly completely empty, offering unobstructed views of its singular architecture and myriad of improvised structures…

Born in Hamburg, Felix Brüggemann is a Berlin-based photographer.
Based in Berlin, Robert Rieger is a freelance photographer focusing his lens primarily on portrait and interior photography.

Secret Societies

Through the rise and fall of the first US Mafia bosses, this book examines the early development of the Sicilian-American criminal network, illustrated with over 175 period photographs, contemporary articles and documents. Much is popularized of the Mafia in film, literature, music, and urban legend. Some stories are inspired by and respectful of the facts, but many are presented through a creative lens distorting how organized crime began. References are often made to criminal activity in the infamous Prohibition Era, but few stories cover the preceding years, until now.

Secret Societies presents a graphic history of true crime. It examines the origins story of the American Mafia through the rise and fall of the first boss of bosses Giuseppe Morello and his powerful brother-in-law Ignazio Lupo. This is a time before the Castellammarese War—a period of bloody power struggles for control of the Italian-American Mafia that took place in New York City between 1930 and 1931. The important period preceding the war is considered murky and lacking historic documentation. This meticulously illustrated volume of Secret Societies shines a light on this fascinating time of American history and organized crime. It does so through research from primary sources, richly illuminating the period of the 1890s–1920s using photos, documents, contemporary articles and illustrations. Starting with a look at the “Black Hand” phenomenon and its relationship to organized crime.

The book also examines the story of the “Barrel Murder” in which Giuseppe Morello, the first boss-of-bosses of the US Mafia, was arrested following a brutal murder in the heart of New York’s “Little Italy.” Soon followed by the tragic story of NYPD officer Joseph Petrosino who became a pioneer in the fight against black handers and Mafiosi alike. In 1909, while on a secret mission, Petrosino became the only NYPD officer to be killed while on foreign soil after he was assassinated in Palermo. In this important stage of history, the hierarchies of crime families were established and reinforced.

This is the American Mafia origins story.

The author and graphic artist Jon Black founded gangrule.com in 2002 to study and present the emergence of organized crime in New York through 1900–1920, leading up to the well documented Prohibition Era. Tom Hunt edits and publishes the journal, “Informer: The History of American Crime and Law Enforcement,” the Writers of Wrongs blog of crime historians (writersofwrongs.com) and the American Mafia history website (mafiahistory.us).


“Marginalia” draws our attention to the overlooked elements that coexist in carefully designed books. Removing the text and images from a selection of art books designed by Anja Lutz in close collaboration with the individual artists reveals the nondescript details: the margins, the edges, the backgrounds, the spaces between the lines …

Each book is unique in its choice of format, material, layout, composition, and rhythm. The selected pages underwent a process of transformation in which Lutz dissected them with surgical precision, layer by layer, removing their vital parts and revealing their skeletons–the actual support of the content. The results are filigree grids, fragments of images, and traces of the layout that form intricately layered compositions of voids, exposing the hidden relationships between the pages.
“Marginalia” is an investigation into the anatomy of books–the physical object, its materiality, and inner structure. It is an attempt at mediating the emptiness. The quiet and yet eloquent remaining spaces seem to have their own language–that of an abstract visual poetry of books.

“Marginalia” is a personal interpretation of the books designed by Anja Lutz with and for the following artists: Kader Attia, Sonia Boyce, Angela Bulloch, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Christine Hill, Hannah Höch, Hella Jongerius, Loriot, J. Mayer H., Laercio Redondo, Julian Rosefeldt, Lawrence Weiner amongst many more.
For more information about “Marginalia” please visit the Marginalia facebook page.


DON’T SAY IT. SPRAY IT. – The fight of critical artists for communication.

A photographic journey of designer Judika Zerrer through the streets of Kairo during the Arabic Spring.
If art is the daughter of liberty, then what does streetart mean in a country like egypt, where a dissident thought can be life-threatening? Since the Arabic Spring the walls in the cities of egypt noticeably become wall newspapers of the revolution. On site collected photographies, facts and impressions tell the historical origin of the revolutional graffiti. During interviews acitivists and artists get a chance to speak, who (with the intention to enlighten the people) temporarily circumvent the media-censorship; following the principle: Don’t say it. Spray it.

zweitausend&einundzwanzig – Slim Calendar 2021

Perfect next to the door frame, as a kitchen calendar, and wherever you have little room but need plenty of space for calendar entries: the rikiki Slim Calendar 2021.
The 12-page wall calendar is a practical companion throughout the year – with calendar weeks, national holidays, and holidays in individual federal states. There are also the moon phases and the clock change dates, plus one or the other meteorological subtleties.
The calendar is high-quality offset printed with spot colors: neon coral for the weekends, black as the primary color for the days of the week, and gold as the accent color for the fine entries. It was printed on light gray cascade in 160g, a fine, colored paper.

Leafy House Plants

The cultivation of house plants does not always prove to be easy. With many plants there are special peculiarities that should be considered.

In 1899, the German botanist Udo Dammer wrote down his knowledge of the ins and outs of different houseplants and published the book ‘Zimmerblattpflanzen’ with 46 detailed plant illustrations.

120 years later, Benjamin Wurster accidentally came across a copy of this encyclopedia and now presents a new modern version of this book, including every plant illustration as well as the original German texts translated into English for the first time.

A must for every plant lover!

Lino Print (A3) | Livistona chinensis

Published in November 2020 by Slanted Publishers, ‘Leafy House Plants’ by Benjamin Wurster is the reissue of the 120-year-old botanical encyclopedia ‘Zimmerblattpflanzen’. As part of the whole project, several lino prints were realized in limited editions.
Plant shown: Livistona chinensis
Each print is handmade and unique—color density and details vary.

Limited to 15 prints, each signed and numbered

Lino Print (A3) | Monstera deliciosa

Published in November 2020 by Slanted Publishers, ‘Leafy House Plants’ by Benjamin Wurster is the reissue of the 120-year-old botanical encyclopedia ‘Zimmerblattpflanzen’. As part of the whole project, several lino prints were realized in limited editions.
Plant shown: Monstera deliciosa
Each print is handmade and unique—color density and details vary.

Limited to 46 prints, each signed and numbered

Lino Print (A3) | Cordyline australis

Published in November 2020 by Slanted Publishers, ‘Leafy House Plants’ by Benjamin Wurster is the reissue of the 120-year-old botanical encyclopedia ‘Zimmerblattpflanzen’. As part of the whole project, several lino prints were realized in limited editions.
Plant shown: Cordyline australis
Each print is handmade and unique—color density and details vary.

Limited to 46 prints, each signed and numbered

Lino Print (A3) | Dracaena rothiana

Published in November 2020 by Slanted Publishers, ‘Leafy House Plants’ by Benjamin Wurster is the reissue of the 120-year-old botanical encyclopedia ‘Zimmerblattpflanzen’. As part of the whole project, several lino prints were realized in limited editions.
Plant shown: Dracaena rothiana
Each print is handmade and unique—color density and details vary.

Limited to 46 prints, each signed and numbered

NATURE MORTE – Peut pas hypnotiser des aveugles (Book + DVD)

You can’t hypnotize the blind – Peut pas hypnotiser des aveugles.

Sophia Magdalena Koegl’s project deals with the phenomenon of hysteria and its connection to photography. The search for situatedness begins inside the female body, passes through the history of the anatomic theater and observations made by Jean-Martin Charcot in notes made during his research at the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière in Paris. From saints and prostitutes to mediums and medics, the work leads to photography and the camera as a hypnosis-pendulum–in the movie NATURE MORTE (Sophie Magdalena Koegel and Robert Dziabel, 2013)

About the movie: A young woman stands on a rock naked. Behind her a waterfall rages and a dead goat, washed ashore by the waves, lies at her feet. The eyes of the goat are light blue, the gaze is tarnished through the water. She shivers. Blood runs down her thigh. Her pose is reminiscent of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. NATURE MORTE begins with the reincarnation of womanhood and the following story will show us how it came about. It’s just a matter of time until Augustine starts to feel her true nature.

Final Project Merz Akademie, University of Design, Art and Media, Stuttgart.

zweitausend&einundzwanzig – Wall Calendar 2021 – White Black Gold

One year, one page: lots of space for dates and appointments, trips and travels, birthdays, and whatever else is on the plan.
The “zweitausend&einundzwanzig – Wall Calendar 2021” is a 3-color screenprint: black is the base color for the weekdays, accompanied by an opaque white, and pure gold for the fine details. It is printed on light grey Kaskad 160 g paper, a beautiful and unique choice.

Talking about the details: this calendar features calendar weeks, nationwide public holidays as well as the federal state public holidays and school holidays, and other details such as when to set the clock one hour ahead or late for summer and wintertime, and phases of the moon.

The calendar comes packed in a neat black sturdy roll.

zweitausend&einundzwanzig – Family Planner 2021 – Neon Coral Black Gold

Getting everything (and everyone!) under one roof is not always easy. Everything needs to be coordinated with vacations, appointments, birthdays, sports parties, business trips, dentists, school trips, and shared leisure time.
The “zweitausend&einundzwanzig–Family Planner 2021” has five columns for up to five family members or your own categories. All vital information, such as calendar weeks, are noted in the calendar. We have national holidays as well as the holidays of individual federal states. Besides, you will never again miss setting the time forwards or backward, the phases of the moon, or the beginning of summer or winter.

The calendar is printed as a high-quality 3-color screenprint: neon coral for the weekends, black as the base color for the days of the week, and gold as the accent color for the fine entries. The entire calendar block has a color cut in neon coral all around. Printed on sparrow gray cascade in 270g.

Kurt Weidemann – Biografische Gespräche

The graphic artist, typographer, teacher and communicator Kurt Weidemann created something unique – public images that have found their way into the collective memory, whether signets for Coop, Deutsche Bahn and Berliner Bank or typefaces for the Bible and Daimler Benz.

On the occasion of his 85th birthday, merz&solitude published the book Kurt Weidemann: Biografische Gespräche [Kurt Weidemann: Biographical Conversations], which documents his eventful life through conversations and photographs in an intensive, imaginative and also uncompromising way–a book full of vitality.

“Auffällig sein ist leichter als gut sein” [“Being conspicuous is easier than being good”]

Kurt Weidemann lived up until his death in 2011 an incredible life: This includes his poor childhood in Lübeck, his experience on the Eastern Front during World War II, five years imprisonment in a Russian camp, his apprenticeship as a typesetter after the war, his studies at the Stuttgart Art Academy, his work as a font and character developer, as an active participant in the 68 movement as a highly demanded expert in questions of design and life, as a teacher, as a Daimler service provider, as a committed university developer–the list could be continued almost indefinitely.

Since the form of conversation is the adequate form of presentation for Kurt Weidemann (except for writing and signs), the only biography of Kurt Weidemann to date appears in direct speech. It is obvious that he himself was responsible for the design of the volume. The conversations document 30 hours of intensity, fantasy, humour, uncompromising and pure vitality–a book full of entertainment, but no light entertainment. In addition, the historical and current photographs show Kurt Weidemann as a bag full of surprises.

You’re Hard to Get – Michael Jackson im Licht der Spektakeltheorie von Guy Debord

In You’re Hard to Get the designer Hannah Horst confronts two artists with each other, whose works and biographies could not be more different: Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”, and Guy Debord, the French author, artist and revolutionary. She sees the point of connection of their confrontation in the concept of the spectacle. Jackson, who lost general recognition due to his lifestyle, especially at the end of his career, was a servant of the “society of the spectacle” all his life. Debord being one of its harshest critics. The book offers Jackson, Debord and the spectacle the framework to get in touch with each other in a creative way. Here it is important to the author not to show a finished picture of the protagonists; rather she wants to leave open what the reader associates.

You’re Hard to Get speaks especially to designers whose guiding principle is self-reflected authorship, but it is also equally readable for those who can show empathy for the ultimately tragic figure of Jackson, as well as for those who want to approach Debord from an unfamiliar perspective.

DERIVE Wanderer ZINE #8

DERIVE Wanderer ZINE #8 – A (small) indie zine exploring the past and the future of places.
DERIVE Wanderer explores places, past and future, by walking the streets and exploring architecture and artifacts, from the colonial lane houses under the blazing neon skies of Shanghai, to the towering mega-blocks of Hong Kong and further, DERIVE Wanderer seeks to understand the world’s cities as they were and as they might have been.

This time DERIVE Wanderer ZINE #8 takes you on a nostalgic journey through memories of summer days. It contains three short stories by Cody Ellingham, as well as photography from the night.

Dimensions: A5 size 48 pages, offset printed, full color.
By purchasing this magazine you will help support the DERIVE project.

The magazine DERIVE Wanderer ships using airmail from Taiwan and there are sometimes delays outside of our control. Generally, the product should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Kunstgebunden – Metamorphosen des Künstlerbuches

The term “Künstlerbuch” (artist‘s book) first came up in the 1960’s. Not a book about art or artists is meant, nor is this usually a work with literary claims (the poet-artist …). Rather the visual artist goes through such a book to the public and thus leaves the art-immanent space. In short, the book becomes the sole medium of an artistic statement, as an independent work. But how do books arise from the thoughts, images, and visions of artists?

And what actually causes a visual artist to publish books? How has the genre developed since the media expansion of art in the 1960’s? The only thing that is clear is that the (visual) artist functions in the artist book as author, designer, editor and often as printer. Artists’ books are in any case today often available in specialist bookstores in immense diversity. In “Kunstgebunden – Metamorphosen des Künstlerbuches,” Nadine Thimm first tries to clarify the term: What is an artist book, and how is it defined by art historians? Which variants are there? How can the borders to related forms of publication be drawn today and how can the many borderline cases be classified?
Awarded by the Stiftung Buchkunst “The most beautiful German books Shortlist 2014”.

You’re Not As ___ As You Think

“You’re Not As ___ As You Think” is a photographic diary full of intense and melancholic moods–A reflection on death and the beauty of life.

In 2017, Marvin Böhm’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. From then on, he began to capture his private life with a camera–led by his intuition. He had little interest in chronicling her suffering and illness: Böhm’s main goal was to “carry on” and continue into the future. His incessant interaction with the resulting images soon turned into a sort of therapy. Even though his mother appears in the pictures again and again, his attention was drawn especially to familiar settings and objects, friends and commonplace occurrences. Above all, he considered these ordinary situations worthy of being recorded. His reflection on death revealed the small everyday moments that make life worth living.

Joined together, these pictures provide a photographic diary: at times, it is difficult to decipher and almost abstract, then again it seems full of emotion and optimism.
Owing to their stylized black-and-white contrasts, the photos convey an atmosphere that is deeply moving and oscillates somewhere between drama and gloom. And although they depict very intimate moments, the images express an almost universal experience.

‘48 exxperts’ limited riso calendar 2021

The ‘48 exxperts’ limited riso calendar 2021 is a typographic-illustrative wall calendar for the upcoming year. Each month four inspiring, female experts are presented. These women range from natural scientists to philosophers, astronauts or fighters. The elaborately produced calendar is printed in risography and the individual sheets are perforated several times. Through the perforation the 4 motives on one page can be separated from each other and continue to exist as a single card.

About the designers:
Büro KLASS, consisting of Ana Laura Campos Vollmer, Sonja Steven, Sarah Tolpeit & Kerstin Tolpeit, is a design office in Hamburg with a focus on colorful typography. The KLASS calendar is now being published for the seventh time, with each calendar having a completely different concept. Once again this year, Büro KLASS has conceived and implemented everything from defining the topic, developing the content and design to printing and binding.

What to expect:
A vibrant, colorful and inspiring calendar 2021.
The calendar is dedicated to these exxperts:
Zaha Hadid, Rachel Whiteread, Momoyo Kaijima, Lina Bo Bardi, Alice Ball, Medical Treatment For Persons Of Different Sexes and Genders, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Florence Nightingale, Dorothy Hodgkin, May-Britt Moser, Nettie Stevens, Antje Boetius, Shirley Ann Jackson, Maria Telkes, Eva Crane, Simone Gierzt, Hypatia, Nancy Fraser, Bertha Von Suttner, Simone Weil, Human Computers, Mileva Mari Einstein, Maryam Mirzakhani, Wang Zhenyi, Sally Ride, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Mae Jemison, Kathryn Janeway, Guerrilla Grrrls, Kali, Malala Yousafzai, Riot Grrrls, Esther Duflo, Naomi Klein, Donna Haraway, Rosa Luxemburg, Sylvia Earle, Janaki Ammal, Rachel Carson, Friederike Otto, Judith Butler, Maja Göpel, Eva Von Redecker, Maria Montessori, Rosalind Franklin, Kathleen Lonsdale, Tapputi, Stephanie Kwolek.

Blumen sind geil

Say it through the flower–who last said it in all seriousness? The language of flowers seems to be a final code of civilizing innocence. Why outsource feelings to plants? How to outsource our doubts to words? Flowers are out, soon we will need them again. They are remnants of a colorful nature and irritate with their reproductive openness. They are products of globalized trade and are everywhere where people celebrate, praise, seduce, and mourn. Which flowers are suitable for divorce? Which wreath do we wish to place on our own grave?

Flowers are beautiful–and simple: explosions in slow motion, and cut flowers continue to grow in the vase. Flowers are cool (“Blumen sind geil”) because they accompany our cultural codes. They traditionally convey very specific meanings according to the language of flowers. In the book “Blumen sind geil”, literary short texts come together with a photographic image series of stagings that complement, disturb and distort each other. A pretty-unheard book.

Der erste Eindruck zählt

Der erste Eindruck zählt (“First impression counts”)! And type matters! Understanding and applying the craft of typography.

Typography is the transformation of language into writing. Typography thus gives language a form. And this form interprets texts. Regardless of whether you want it to or not. No matter whether you do it consciously or not. You can’t not design in the selection and application of font. Better you know the basics of the craft of typography.
“Typesetter” used to be a profession that required training, but today, as a first-year student and aspiring design professional, you are expected to do your typesetting “on the side”. But because no one was born with this knowledge, this book is a kind of type-setting apprenticeship in fast-forward mode.
You get a feeling for letter and word spacing, you understand the correlation between line length and line spacing. Ligatures, small caps and special characters become close confidants and white space your sovereign helper in layout questions. Texts designed by you become more readable–and a pleasure to read. And thanks to a few tips and tricks, you will become more efficient and confident in handling fonts and layout.

A practical workshop on typography that is both well-founded and easy to understand! Sabrina Öttl will introduce you to the effects of type and how to use it in a competent and practical way. She will impart know-how on legibility and readability, guide you through the font jungle, sensitize you for subtle differences and provide you with selection criteria.
Cheat sheets and other little saviors in need bring efficiency and security to your everyday design work–and once sensitized, bad typography will be a thorn in your side forever …

twothousand&twentyone–Wall Calendar 2021

One year, one page: lots of space for dates and appointments, trips and travels, birthdays, and whatever else is on the plan.
Printed as 3-color screenprint: black is the base color for the weekdays. Neon coral, so bright and brilliant that a photo cannot reflect it for the weekends. And pure gold for the fine details. All printed on light grey Kaskad 160g paper, a beautiful and unique choice.

The calendar features national holidays of the European countries, calendar weeks, the moon calendar – and many special days of the year that you would surely miss out on without this calendar!
The calendar comes packed in a neat black sturdy roll.