Scripto ist die neue Schrift des Typedesigners Franck Jalleau und zeichnet sich durch ihre Dynamik und den freien Strich aus. Sie ist als eine Art Reaktion auf die statische, konstruierte Typografie zu verstehen.

Pressetext: Franck Jalleau designed Scripto as a mean to address those ancient concerns by unubiquituous proposals. Scripto is the fruit of a work on gesture and its resulting trace, along with the research on new rhythms. It steers away from usual cursive typefaces and takes some liberty in that respect: in Scripto, slope angle is not steady, instead it features a great variety of shapes, steepness angles and counterangles. The silhouette of each word is made by assembling characters with different energies and slopes.

In order to create a rich and lively pace, characters are not systematically ligatured. Many so-called ligatures in Scripto are born from the plain connection of characters and their respective shape designs. However, a few rare characters, combined or doubled, have been ligatured to emphasize animation and differences in the setting. Scripto is a contemporary typographic writing, vivid and brisk reflecting its author's personality. It is also a timeless typeface that has its roots and influences in some of Antique Rome cursive alphabets. A charming demonstration of Franck Jalleau's skills, Scripto is meant for display copy or short texts. Initially designed in 1996, the typeface was awarded a first prize at the Morisawa competition.


Foundry: batfoundry
Designer: Franck Jalleau
Veröffentlichung: 2013
Format: OpenType
Schnitte: Regular
Preis: 49 €

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