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Let’s team up! As Slanted Publishers, we’d like to win you as our partner. We’re convinced we can feature your customers optimally in our media context.

Slanted is one of the most influential design magazines and a global leader in the field. The monothematic, locally focused issues present exceptional personalities, agencies and companies in the field of design, typography, illustration and photography.

Additionally, our growing community flocks to the news area of and our social media channels on a daily basis, to find information on events, products, trends and exciting new projects in the world of design.

We see it as our obligation to offer our readers content that is uniquely centered around their interests and needs. It’s the reason they become avid fans, trust the quality of our recommendations and are excited about the beautiful presentation and authenticity of our content.

Through our recommendations, we’ve been opinion-leaders and influencers since our foundation in 2004. Our many customers know how dynamic our brand is and remain longtime partners.

Thanks to cooperations and linking, as well as international sales, we’ve been a fixture of the design world since 2004.

In order to offer potential new partners the best service, we provide a multitude of advertising opportunities. This way their brand can be featured in the best-possible way within our media-context, be it through classic advertising formats or varying forms of partnerships or sponsorships.


Partnerships are based on mutual trust and the understanding that each partner gives and receives in equal amounts in order to bring each brand or company forward in their goals.

We have many years of experience working with partners from a multitude of fields (auto industry, hotel industry, print, processing, paper, software, technology, fashion, etc.) and help bring leading companies closer to the design scene. The many positive reports we are delighted to receive about our work, really show how our collaboratively created concepts have lasting value and achieve great results.

Do you have an exciting product or service that could be interesting for Slanted Publishers? Feel free to contact us personally: Julia Kahl, [email protected], +49 721 85148268.

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In our media-context we offer companies an authentic platform to present themselves, their product and their brand to our audience. It is of the utmost importance to us that advertorials are both trustworthy and in the interest of our readers. They should be seen as enriching reporting, instead of disruptive experiences.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about what advertising options would work best for you. Your personal contact: Julia Kahl, [email protected], +49 721 85148268.

Media Partners

For the last 18 years, Slanted has been media partner of numerous eminent and award-winning Design events and platforms, building a strong presence on an international level. We are delighted that many partnerships last the years and new connections are continuously forming on a global scale.

If you’re interested in working together, please contact Julia Kahl, [email protected], +49 721 85148268.

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