Terms & Conditions

Slanted Publishers UG (haftungsbeschränkt) general terms and conditions for the website slanted.de.

Slanted Publishers UG (haftungsbeschränkt) offers an online marketplace for typographical design products with items from the categories design, typography, fashion and lifestyle. Through this service, both commercial vendors and customers are extended the opportunity to sell and buy products from a large assortment of design related goods. The following terms & conditions regulate the participation on slanted.de for both vendors and customers.

§1 Scope of application: all legal relationships between customers, vendors and Slanted Publishers.

1.1 Scope of application legal relationships: These terms & conditions are valid for all orders and purchases by customers or users (referred to collectively as “customer”/”customers” from this point on) through the online-marketplace of Slanted Publishers UG (haftungsbeschränkt), 76189 Karlsruhe, represented by managing executive directors Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl, Nördliche Uferstraße 4–6, 76189 Karlsruhe (referred to as “Slanted Publishers” in the following) on the website https://www.slanted.de (referred to as “slanted.de” from this point on).

The legal relationship between the customer and Slanted Publishers as well as the legal relationship between the customer and his affiliates or contract partners, the vendor of the purchased product (from now on referred to as “vendor” or “vendors”) are exclusively governed by the following terms & conditions in the version that is current at the time of use. Customers and vendors will also be referred to collectively as “participators” in the following.

1.2. Contractual components: by putting their products up for sale on the online marketplace slanted.de, vendors agree to the exclusive validity of these terms & conditions between the customer and the respective vendor of the product. Separate terms & conditions govern the relationship between Slanted Publishers and each vendor.

1.3 Validity: These terms & conditions become valid immediately upon visiting the website slanted.de with and without registration by the customer and are also a main component of each transaction or finalized contract, unless alternate legal arrangements have been agreed upon. Further business transactions with the customer are also governed by these terms and conditions without the need to explicitly indicate this again.

1.4 Alternate terms and conditions:
Alternate terms and conditions, no matter whether they are set up by the vendor or the customer, as well as modifications or amendments to these terms and conditions are only valid, if they have been acknowledged as such by Slanted Publishers in written form. This holds true, even if the business terms and conditions or the conditions of delivery of the vendor or customer have not been explicitly and formally disagreed with.

1.5 Changes: Slanted Publishers reserves the sole right to modify, delete or replace the offerings on the website slanted.de without prior notice or approval requirement. Furthermore, Slanted Publishers is authorized to modify, replace or delete these terms and conditions at any time. Changes to the terms and conditions will be announced on the website slanted.de. Further use of the services of the website slanted.de and all purchases or orders made on the website slanted.de will, after the announcement of the relevant changes, be considered consented to, unless the vendor and/or customer objects within 10 days after the announcement of the changes.

§2 Obligations when using/participating on slanted.deregistering as customer or vendor; user contracts, transfer of user rights

2.1 User account registration: Customers may order with or without registering a user account. Vendors must set up a user account prior to selling wares or products on slanted.de.

2.2 Registration: When registering a user account, the participant (customer or vendor) is required to enter his or her full post address, as well as their email address, without limitation. Should the customer be ordering without registering a user account, this information must be given at the time of purchase.

2.3 User contract / license agreement:
Upon authorization of a participant by Slanted Publishers and the registration of a user account, a binding user contract is formed. In the case of customers ordering without registration, the user contract is effective from the moment the customer places the order in the shop.

2.4 Giving correct information: The participant is held accountable for the correctness and completeness of the information given by him/her upon registration. If false or incomplete information is entered, Slanted Publishers has the right to delete or cancel the account without granting respite and may choose not to fulfill the placed order.

2.5 Identity: Slanted Publishers has only limited ability to check the identity of the participant The right to assure themselves of the identity of the respective participant is left to individual contractual partners.

2.6 Duplicate registration: Each user may set up and register only one user account. Thus, it is not permitted to register multiple accounts on the online marketplace slanted.de. Slanted Publishers reserves the right to allow exceptions on a case by case basis.

2.7 Login credentials and passwords: The user is not allowed to give his login credentials or password to third parties. Should third parties gain access to the users account in any way or if the user notices any indications of fraudulent use of the account, Slanted Publishers must be informed immediately and the login credentials and password must be changed.

2.8: Data circulation is not permitted: The participants are under obligation to keep data gained from their contract partners on Slanted.de private and must refrain from passing this data on to third parties or use them commercially. It is not permitted to send commercial emails to other participants or contact them in any manner that exceeds what is necessary for processing the transaction on slanted.de, without explicit permission of Slanted Publishers.

2.9 Links to external websites not permitted: The participant is under obligation to refrain from publishing links or references to external websites, advertisements not affiliated or connected to slanted.de and other content that is not linked to slanted.de, on the website slanted.de. This holds true within the context of offerings on the website, or in the course of the quality rating system or the transaction process.

§3 Object of agreement, contractual parties when placing an order on slanted.de

3.1 Object of agreement: slanted.de is an online marketplace for typographical design products with items from the categories design, typography, fashion and lifestyle. Through this service, both commercial vendors and customers are extended the opportunity to sell and buy products from a large assortment of design-related goods. Subject-matter of the contract is the purchases of items, which are ordered by the customer via slanted.de.

3.2 Specifications about the object of agreement/contract: Without reasonable suspicion, Slanted Publishers generally does not check the validity, accuracy, or completeness of any offers or other content put on the site by vendors or other participants/users.

3.3 Contracting parties: Contracting parties concluding a contract on slanted.de due to the placement of an order, are exclusively the involved vendor/vendors and customer/customers as buyer/vendee. Only they are legally bound by the contract and liable under it.

§4 Pricing, Shipping costs

4.1 Price on date of purchase: The price of the purchased product is always the amount declared on slanted.de on the day of purchase by Slanted Publishers.

4.2 Sales tax: All prices are given in EURO and include the legally compulsory sales tax.

4.3. Slanted Publishers is entitled to price adjustments of the price for the subscriptions in cases of changed costs at its reasonable discretion according to 315 BGB and is obliged to do so in favor of the customer. The relevant costs for a price adjustment are the production costs (such as paper, printing or labor costs) and distribution costs for the print edition of Slanted Magazine. In particular, Slanted Publishers must make price adjustments according to uniform standards and at uniform times, regardless of whether the price adjustment is based on an increase or decrease in the costs of Slanted Magazine. The change in price will be limited to the actual change in Slanted Magazine’s cost share.

4.4 In case of a price increase according to paragraph 4.3, the customer is entitled to terminate the subscription contract without notice at the time the price increase becomes effective.

4.5 A price adjustment is excluded for the periods for which the customer has already made an advance payment.

4.6 Shipping costs: Shipping costs are not included in the individual prices. The declared shipping rate will be charged additionally by the individual vendor for shipping the item. The shipping costs are calculated in the case of mixed VAT rates according to the proportion of the taxed turnover of the respective VAT in accordance with German tax law. Based on the local customs regulations of the recipient country, additional customs fees may be charged by the shipping service provider.

4.7 Orders may be delivered in multiple partial shipments if it originates from different sellers.

4.8 Delivery times vary depending on the destination.

§5 Formation of a contract

5.1 Legally binding purchase contract: By clicking the button “buy now”, the customer enters a legally binding contract to purchase the ordered items. An order is only possible, if the customer has previously confirmed having read and agreed to Slanted Publishers Terms and Conditions with the push of the corresponding button.

5.2 Order receipt by the vendor: The depiction of products on the online marketplace slanted.de is no legally binding offer, but a non-committal online catalogue. By pressing the button “buy now”, the customer sends off a legally binding order of the items in his/her shopping cart and will receive a non-committal order receipt shortly after. This receipt is not a legally binding acceptance of the contractual offer. Only when the vendor officially confirms the order of the ware or product, the contractual offer is accepted and finalized. Alternatively the vendor can accept the order by delivering the ordered ware or products within the declared shipping time. The conclusion of all contracts stand under the reservation of the availability and possibility of delivery of the product.

5.3 Data-entry Errors: It is possible that the customer might receive the electronically transmitted order receipt multiple times or not at all. This happens if the customer has mistakenly entered false data or problems arise during the order transmission. In this case the customer is obligated to notify Slanted Publishers via email to [email protected] as soon as he/she notices the error.

5.4 Email correspondence: By entering an email address upon ordering, the customer agrees that all correspondence concerning his/her orders, including accepting and handling them, will be executed via email. Slanted Publishers hereby explicitly makes the customer aware that the risk of fraudulent interference during the transaction process cannot be entirely eliminated. Slanted Publishers are not able to verify or check the correctness of sender identities or factual contents of emails or orders via email. The customer asks Slanted Publishers to accept and carry out electronically transmitted orders despite this fact. Slanted Publishers is exempted from all liability and claims for damages caused by fraudulent use of this transmission system.

§6 Right of Withdrawal Disclaimer

In keeping with the law, customers, or natural persons who are not acting in a professional or commercial interest, entering legally binding transactions or contracts on this website, are afforded the right of withdrawal. Further information about whether your case falls under this policy in accordance with the law, are given both during the transaction process and in the Right of Withdrawal Disclaimer.

The right of withdrawal does not exist with distance selling contracts

– pertaining to the delivery of goods made to customer specifications or which are clearly fitted to the customers personal needs or cannot be returned based on their nature or material qualities, or which can spoil quickly or have passed their date of expiration,

– pertaining to the delivery of audio- or video recordings or software, when the seal of the data storage device has been broken by the customer,

– pertaining to the delivery of newspapers, magazines and pictorial magazines.

Right of Withdrawal Disclaimer

The customer can withdraw his contractual declaration without further comment, within 14 days. This must be done in text form (i.e. letter, fax, email) or—if the item has been relinquished to the customer prior to the end of the deadline—by returning the item. The time period of 14 days begins on receipt of this disclaimer in text form, but not before the recipient has received the item in question (for recurring deliveries of goods of the same kind the time period does not begin before the receipt of the first partial delivery) and also not before the fulfillment of our obligation to inform our customers in accordance with article 246 § 2 in connection with §§ 1 Abs. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties in accordance with § 312 g Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in connection with article 246 § 3 EGBGB. In order to keep the term of withdrawal, the timely dispatch of the declaration of withdrawal or return of the item suffices.

The declaration of withdrawal is to be sent to:
[email protected]

Or via letter to:
Slanted Publishers
Nördliche Uferstraße 4–6
76189 Karlsruhe

Consequences of withdrawal

In the case of a successful withdrawal the items, services or benefits received on both ends are to be returned and, if applicable, any use or emoluments (for example any accumulated interest) are to be compensated. Should the customer not be able to return the received items, services or benefits, in addition to any benefits they might have gained from receiving said items services or benefits, or should they only be able to return them in part or in worsened condition, the customer must provide compensation accordingly. The customer must only compensate the damage or depreciation of worth of the item, if it resulted out of the use of the item beyond a regular check of properties and function. “A regular check of properties and function” is understood to be the testing and trying out of an item as is customary and possible in a retail store.
Items that are ready to ship are to be returned at the vendors risk. The regular shipping costs of the return are to be paid by the customer.  Reimbursement commitments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For the customer this time period begins with the dispatch of the declaration of withdrawal or the return of the item, for the vendor the time period begins upon receipt of the customers declaration of withdrawal or item.

End of withdrawal disclaimer.

§7 Cost bearing agreement / Summer Schools & Workshops

7.1. If the customer makes use of his right of withdrawal, he has to bear the regular costs of the return if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods.

7.2. To offset the cost of last-minute vacancies, cancellation fees are essential for summer schools and workshops, even with waiting lists. Cancellations made up to 45 days before a class will receive a gift card minus a 15% cancellation fee, but no refund will be given for cancellations made 45 days or less before a class. If a workshop is canceled by the workshop leader, participants can receive a full refund through our platform. However, please note that we are not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or accommodations.

§8 Delivery of goods by the vendor, passing of risk, damages in transit

8.1 Transportation: The ordered items are sent to the address given by the customer by the respective vendor. The customer bears the cost of shipping (refer to §4 of these terms). Personally picking up the items is only allowed with the express permission of the vendor.

8.2 Delivery time: All delivery times are non-binding, given for information only and without responsibility. In some special cases delivery may take adequately longer than initially suggested. The customer will be notified should the vendor not be able to deliver within the initially stated delivery time.

8.3 Partial deliveries: The vendor may deliver the order in installments or partially. The vendor is responsible for bearing any additional costs that might arise due to this.

8.4 Passing of risk: If the customer is a commercial contractor, vendor or business man/woman acting in his/her commercial or self-employed role, all risks and dangers of delivery are transferred to the customer, as soon as the item is passed on to the forwarding company or delivery service. This applies to partial deliveries as well.

8.5 Costs resulting out of supply difficulties or problems with the delivery: Should delivering to the customer not be possible, for example, because he/she cannot be found at the given address, despite having notified the customer of the delivery adequately early, the customer bears the cost of the attempted delivery. Beyond that the vendor has the right to store or shelve the item at the customer’s risk, as long as the delivery impediment endures. The vendor, as contractual partner of the customer, is to be refunded all expenditures that occur due to this immediately and in full.

8.6 Delayed delivery: Delivery delays caused by the vendor, as the contractual partner of the customer, do not entitle the customer to compensation or refusal of the delivery upon arrival, except in the case of gross negligence or intent on the part of the vendor.

8.7 Transport damages: The delivery company commissioned by the vendor is liable for damages caused during or by the transport of the items. Should the customer find the items damaged upon unboxing, even if the wrapping material is not damaged, he/she must place a complaint, including written documentation of the damages, with the delivery company within two working days of receiving the delivery. The customer must hand over this factual report upon request. Any claims against the delivery company are not touched upon in these terms.

§9 Delivery timeframe

9.1 Delivery timeframe: The timeframe of delivery does not begin before the necessary information has been made available to Slanted Publishers and the respective vendor by the customer or prior to the receipt of the agreed upon price of purchase and shipping cost in the account of the payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers.

9.2 Committal/non-committal deadlines: Deadlines and timeframes are only legally binding if they have been affirmed by the respective vendor explicitly and in written form. Otherwise they are non-committal and non-binding.

9.3 Circumstances beyond control, force majeure clause: Should circumstances beyond the contractual parties control fundamentally prevent or impede the fulfillment of contractual obligations, the affected party is relieved of performing these obligation for the term the hinderance or circumstance endures or may postpone the fulfillment for a reasonable amount of time. Circumstances beyond their control include industrial and labor disputes and similar occurrences, as well as anything making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible.

§10 Terms of payment, payment options

10.1 Handling of payments: All handling of payments for the sale of goods are executed via a payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers. All payments (purchase price, shipping costs, etc.) must be made to this account exclusively.

10.2 Payment options: The items offered on slanted.de may be paid via credit card or PayPal to the account of the payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers.

10.3 Customer invoices: All invoices are issued by the vendors with the disclaimer that payments must be paid to the account of the payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers.

10.4 Payment date: Unless another agreement is in place, all payments must be made immediately after the invoice was issued.

10.5 Payment delay: The payment is delayed, without the need for additional request for payment or admonition, if the customer has not paid the amount within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the invoice or a similar compilation of costs.

10.6 Chargeback costs: The customer is responsible for giving correct, complete and up to date payment information (credit card or debit card information). Debit memos or chargebacks mean an increased workload and expense for Slanted Publishers. Fees or expenses, especially those charged by the commissioned payment service, resulting out of chargebacks must be refunded by the customer.

10.7 Payment status information: Slanted Publishers immediately informs the vendor, upon receipt of the agreed upon amount in the account of the payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers. Having received this information, the vendor sends the item to the customer within the timeframe given in the item description. (Refer to §9 delivery timeframes).

10.8. Vendor account reporting: Slanted Publishers offers reports about sales via the seller dashboards at all times.

10.9 Settling vendor accounts: The credited amounts are paid out within 14 working days after the invoice has been sent to Slanted Publishers.

10.10 Withholding payments: The payout, as described in §10.9 of these terms, is withheld or stopped, if the customer has not received the ordered items or has put in a damages claim for the ordered items. This is also valid, if the customer has contacted Slanted Publishers and claimed not to have received items, unless the vendor can prove that the order has been handed over to the customer by presenting a receipt from the delivery service.

10.11 Reimbursements in case of a withdrawal on the side of the customer: Should the customer make use of his/her right of withdrawal, as described in §6 of these terms, the vendor must remunerate Slanted Publishers for any proceeds that have been unduly paid out to the vendor prior to the withdrawal.

10.12 Reimbursement in case warranty claims have been asserted: In the case of warranty claims, such as the rescission of the contract by the customer leading to the cancellation and reversal of the contract, any sums that have been unduly paid by Slanted Publishers must be returned immediately after the disclosure of the assertion of warranty claims. If the price has been reduced in order to put right defects under the terms of the guarantee granted to the customer, the vendor must refund the reduced sum to Slanted Publishers, who will pay it out to the customer.

§11 Right of set-off and right of retention

11.1 The customer shall only have a right of retention or right of set off regarding those counter-claims that are not disputed by the vendor or Slanted Publishers.

11.2 The customer shall only have a right of retention or right of set off if the claim falls under the same contractual agreement.

§12 Retention of title

12.1 Until payment for all the items in an order has been received in full and and is accounted for by the payment service commissioned by Slanted Publishers, the delivered item remains the property of the respective vendor.

§13 Faulty performance claims, warranty claims, and compensation

13.1 Claims against contractual partners: Claims due to faulty performance or warranty claims may only be asserted against the respective contractual partner. Contractual parties of a contract entered due to a purchase made on slanted.de are solely the involved vendor and the customer as purchaser of the items. Only they are liable and obligated under the terms of contract. Slanted Publishers only becomes a contractual party, if the items are sold to the customer directly by Slanted Publishers.

13.2 Delayed delivery: Delivery delays caused by the vendor, as the contractual partner of the customer, do not entitle the customer to compensation or refusal of the delivery upon arrival, except in the case of gross negligence or intent on the part of the vendor.

13.3 Warranty rights and legal guarantees: If the delivered goods are damaged or in any other way defective, the customer may exercise his statutory warranty rights against the vendor.
Unless stated differently in the terms and conditions, further claims by the customer are not valid – irrespective of the legal grounds. The vendor shall not be liable for claims not pertaining to the delivery item itself, lost profits or any other pecuniary damages of the customer.

13.4 Liability and compensation: Should the customer assert any claims pertaining to material damages of the ordered items, the extent of liability of the respective vendor, their legal representatives and agents is limited to the compensation for the typical foreseeable damage. This limit of liability does not apply in the case of intent, gross negligence, culpable breach of significant contractual duties, in the case of injury to the life, body or health of a person or in the case of liability under the product liability law.

§14 Termination of contract between the participant and Slanted Publishers

14.1 Termination of contract by the participant: The participant may terminate the contract at any time without prior notice. Obligations from the time the contract was in effect towards Slanted Publishers and/or other participants are not affected by this.

14.2 Sales commission: Outstanding sales commissions are due upon termination of contract.

14.3 Termination of contract by Slanted Publishers: Slanted Publishers may terminate the contract by sending a notice of termination at least two weeks before the end of a month. The right to terminate the contract without notice remains unaffected. Slanted Publishers may terminate the contract without notice especially if the participant has knowingly entered faulty or partial information during the registration process, if the participant is in breach of contract or breach of duty and if this behavior is not immediately forebeared, even if a written reminder with a cancellation threat is sent.

14.4 Termination must be in writing: The termination of the contract is only valid if communicated in written form, via letter or email.

14.5 No new user account may be created: The participant may not create a new user account insofar as Slanted Publishers has terminated the contract. The creation of a new account under a pseudonym or other identification than previously used is also not allowed.

§15 Sanctions for non-compliance

Sanctions for non-compliance: If the participant is in breach of contractual terms as they are stated in the terms and conditions—this includes, among other things, non-compliance with the obligations of participation on slanted.de and non-compliance with the special terms and conditions of a vendor- , applicable law, morals, common decency or the rights of third parties, Slanted Publishers may, under their own discretion and under consideration of the interests of the participant—respond in one of the following ways:

– Formal warning
– Deletion of offers or content (for example evaluations)
– Limiting participants ability to use slanted.de
– Temporary or permanent account suspension or termination of contract

§16 Participant liability

16.1 Participant liability: Each participant shall be personally and directly liable where he is responsible for a breach of third party rights. Each participant shall be responsible for making up for losses or damages to Slanted Publishers, which result out of conduct which is consciously negligent of the obligations outlined in these terms.

16.2 Liability release: Each participant shall release Slanted Publishers of any liability or obligation or claims, which other participants or third parties may assert due to the violation of their rights by the participant or content which the participant may have published. The participant bears the expenses of the necessary legal defence including all court and lawyers fees in legal amount. This does not apply if and insofar the participant has not caused the infringement.

§17 Contractual liability for payment of damages by Slanted Publishers

17.1 No liability for website use and consequences: No warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title or non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is made Slanted Publishers and its linked telecommunications and network systems and services, in relation to the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of the website slanted.de. Slanted Publishers accepts no responsibility for the direct, indirect or accidental consequences or any other type of damage occurring as a result of using its products or services. Slanted Publishers also accepts no responsibility for commercial losses or business interruptions caused by the use or lack of ability to use the website and its contents and services. This is valid even if Slanted Publishers has been notified of the possibility of such damages.

17.2 No liability for external influences: Slanted Publishers accepts no responsibility or liability for damages caused by external influences on the system of the customer or vendor or during the data transmission from customer or vendor to Slanted Publishers or from Slanted Publishers to the customer or vendor.

17.3 Scope of liability: In all cases, the extent of liability of Slanted Publishers, their legal representatives and agents, insofar one such liability arises under the previously stated terms, is limited to the compensation for the typical foreseeable damage. This limit of liability does not apply in the case of intent, gross negligence, culpable breach of significant contractual duties, in the case of injury to the life, body or health of a person or in the case of liability under the product liability law.

In the event of data loss or destruction of customer data, Slanted Publishers are only liable only up to the amount of the typical cost of restoring the data which is incurred despite regular data backup according to state of the art standards.

17.4 No liability for elaborations, advice or recommendations: Any elaborations produced by Slanted Publishers for the Customer or advice or recommendations given by Slanted Publishers shall not establish any liability on their part; before being implemented, they must be examined and considered carefully by the Customer, who if need be must obtain the expert advice of third parties. Slanted Publishers is not responsible for replacing or compensating for any damages or claims resulting from acting on the advice or recommendation given, unless the liability results out of a culpable action or falls under the legislation on liability. Information, advice and recommendation can be presented in image or text form, irrespective of whether or not this content is publicly accessible (for example on the internet page https://www. slanted.de) or has been personally given/told to the customer.

§18 Dispute resolution service

18.1 Dispute settlement: Slanted publishers greatly values the trust of the customers in the purchases made on slanted.de. Because of this, Slanted Publishers will seek conciliation or settlement according to the following terms, in case of a dispute.

18.2 Complaint: In the case of a dispute (for example a dispute over whether the product is free of defects) both contractual partners, customer and vendor, have the right to notify Slanted Publishers in the form of a formal complaint.

18.3 Assessing the facts and offering a solution proposal: Slanted Publishers will then gather the facts of the case, for which they may need to contact either one or both contractual parties. Slanted Publishers will attempt to assess the situation and propose an adequate solution to the involved parties within 14 days of receiving the complaint.

18.4 Legal advice: In order to find a solution, Slanted Publishers are entitled, but not obliged, to seek legal advice and thus transmit the facts of the dispute case to a lawyer bound by professional confidentiality. No expenses will incur for the disputing contractual parties as a result of this.

18.5 No legal claim to settlement: The participant has no legal claim to the settlement of disputes.

§19 Mandatory legal details about the company of the service provider

Company with legal form suffix: Slanted Publishers UG (haftungsbeschränkt),
Place of establishment: Karlsruhe
Executive management: Lars Harmsen, Julia Kahl.
District court Mannheim, HRB 719864,
VAT ID: DE295329244.

§20 Protection of privacy

Protection of privacy: All information about the nature, scope, location and purpose of the collation, processing and use of the personal data for the rendering of services such as fulfilling orders or for commercial use such as for the purpose of newsletters or advertisements via email by Slanted Publishers as well as the participants right of disclosure and the right to the disclosure, correction, blocking or deletion of data, and revocation of consents granted, can be found in the Privacy Statement.

§21 Final Provisions

21.1 Written form: Changes or amendments to these terms and conditions, including this stipulation requiring written form, must be submitted in written form.

21.2 Invalidity of individual regulations: The invalidity of individual regulations of the general terms and conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.

21.3 Applicable law, place of jurisdiction: German law is applicable excluding the CISG United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods vom 11.04.1980. Place of fulfillment and exclusive place of jurisdiction, as long as both contractual parties are business people, is Karlsruhe.