Slanted #17 – Cartoon & Comic

Comics are a series of pictures (strip) that tell a story. In cartoons, the narrative punch line is condensed into an image. The issue Slanted #17—Cartoon / Comic has fallen for these narrative forms and their typographical peculiarities from beginning to end.

In addition, the first Slanted magazine of the year 2012 shows a new face. A new format in oversize, 16 pages more as well as streamlining in sequence of content and layout create more space for projects and design.

Ken Johnston of Corbis (New York) has immersed himself in the archives and has brought to light a grotesque photo story of nuclear bomb experiments in a patriotically charged world—Doom Town, a dark comic as life writes it. Patrick Tsai (Tokyo) keeps a photographic diary—Talking Barnacles is a narrative in picture sequences paired with very personal texts.

We are pleased to present numerous essays and reports worth reading: Motorscream Landscapes—About writing in graphic literature by Alexander Negrelli (Berlin), Beloved and Hated: Comic Sans by Rieke C. Harmsen (Munich), Manga & Graphic Design, Hands On and Where The Wild Things Were by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), PAT! BON! DOKAAAN!—Writing thunderstorms and onomatopoeia in Asian picture stories by Steffen Zillig and Sohyun Jung (Hamburg), Something like Max & Moritz—From the inventor of the comic by Tim Eckhorst (Kiel), A very subjective and casual comics overview from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222 by Paul Hoppe (Brooklyn NY), Survival is possible by Michael Schmidt (Munich) and Sans Comique by Frank Wiedemann (Berlin).

Furthermore, interviews with Nora Krug (Brooklyn NY), Dirk Rehm (Berlin), Alessio Leonardi (Berlin), Fred Smijers (Antwerp) and Matthew Carter (Cambridge) provide insights into their living and working environments.

The new magazine’s appearance is also characterised by comic worlds throughout. The eight-page folding cover glows red and green on the outside, and inside documents the opinions of readers on the redesign of our weblog, which has been online since last November.

Slanted Magazine #17
Cartoon / Comic

Publisher: MAGMA Brand Design 
Release date: 22.03.2012 
Scope: 164 pages 
Format: 24 × 32 cm 
Language: English, German


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants once again—thank you!

Contributions by:


Jana Wernicke, Dortmund (DE)
Olga Maria Klegrewe, Dortmund (DE)
[email protected]

Faile, Brooklyn NY(US)

Yannick Nuss Karlsruhe (DE)

Levin Kurio, Raisdorf (DE)

Gregg Segal, Altadena CA (US)

Marko Manev, Skopje (MK)

Thomas Marecki, Berlin (DE)

Mehryl Levisse, Raillicourt (FR)

Jan Feindt, Pardes Hanna-Karkur (IL)

Ingo Maurer and team, Munich (DE)

Cyrill Kuhlmann, Hamburg (DE)

Mike Diana, New York NY (US)

Tim Faulwetter, Hamburg (DE)
Peter Werner, Brunswick (DE)

KLUB7, Berlin (DE)

Benoît Bodhuin, Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)

The Heads of State, Philadelphia PA (US) 

Michaela Labudová, Ústí nad
Labem (CZ)

Tim Eckhorst, Kiel (DE)

MILCHHOF Atelier, Berlin (DE)

KatzKaiser, Cologne / Darmstadt (DE)

Andreas Völlinger, Berlin (DE)
David Füleki, Drebach (DE)

Fabian Stoltz, Hamburg (DE)

Sebastien Cuypers, Chantilly (FR)

Joe Newton, Brooklyn NY (US)

Marcel Mendler, Stuttgart (DE)
Patrick Oltean, Stuttgart (DE)

three STUDIO / GALLERY, Fukushima (JP)

Henning Wagenbreth, Berlin (DE)

Michael Sutjiadi, Maroubra (AU)

Parastu Karimi, Berlin (DE)

Sebastian Tiede, Essen (DE)

Wittek, Hamburg (DE)

Vasily Biryukov, Alexandra Korolkova, Dmitrov / Moscow (RU)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mark Addison Smith, Chicago (US)

Astrid Jahns, Hanover (DE)
[email protected]

Leopold Lenzgeiger, Darmstadt (DE)

Andreas Meier, Hamburg (DE)


Patrick Tsai, Tokyo (JP)

UPI / Bettmann / Corbis, New York (US)

Fonts & Typelabels

Piekos FX Rough BB, 2011
Hometown Hero BB, 2010
Billy the flying robot BB, 2011
Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering, Providence RI (US)

B-Movie Retro
Die Typonauten, Bremen (DE)

Collector Comic, 2006
Marvin, 2010
Canada Type, Toronto (CA)

Wild Words Lower, 2010
Rick Veitch, 2010
Shake, 2010
Shiver, 2010
Comicraft, Los Angeles CA (US)

Showcard Stunt, 2008
Coop Black, 1998
House Industries, Yorklyn DE (US)

Haakke, 2011
Dawnland, Nyköping (SE)

Scamps, 2011
Spark Creative, Birmingham (UK)

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Monotype Imaging, Woburn MA (US)
Linotype, Bad Homburg (DE)

Lady Fair, 2011
Horror Flick, 2009
Jukebox, Anaheim CA (US), 2003
Veer, New York NY (US)

Savage Hipsters, 2008
Weird Bill Sideshow, 2008
Eau Claire WI (US)

Mary Read, 2008
Volcano Type, Karlsruhe (DE)

Scrap Outline, 2009
FaceType, Vienna (AT)
Veer, New York NY (US)

Bubol, 2009
Hipopotam Studio, Warsaw (PL)

Mati, 2007
Sudtipos, Buenos Aires (AR)

Manicuore, 2011
Smashing, 2011
Populaire, 2011
PintassilgoPrints, Vitória (BR)

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Mr Moustache, 2011
FaceType, Vienna (AT)
Veer, New York NY (US)

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Juraj Chrastina, Zilina (SK)

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La Boite Graphique, Brest (FR)

LiebeErika, 2010
LiebeFonts, Berlin (DE)


Sophia Martineck, Berlin (DE)

Joe Newton, Brooklyn NY (US)

Gregor Hinz, Kiel (DE)

Fontnames Illustrated

Raban Ruddigkeit, Berlin (DE)

Katja Spitzer, Berlin (DE)

Benedikt Rugar, Berlin (DE)

Sylvain Mazas, Berlin (DE)

Drushba Pankow, Berlin (DE)

Schwarwel, Leipzig (DE)


Alexander Negrelli, Berlin (DE)

Rieke C. Harmsen, Munich (DE)
[email protected]

Ian Lynam, Tokyo (JP)

Steffen Zillig, Sohyun Jung,
Hamburg (DE)
[email protected]

Tim Eckhorst, Kiel (DE)

Paul Hoppe, Brooklyn NY (US)

Michael Schmidt, Munich (DE)

Frank Wiedemann, Berlin (DE)

Nora Krug, Brooklyn NY (US)

Dirk Rehm, Berlin (DE)


Corbis, New York (US)

e&b Engelhardt und Bauer

GoSee - PR Office for Photo & Film, Cologne (DE)

HKS Warenzeichenverband, Stuttgart (DE)

Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden (DE)

Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd, Schwäbisch Gmünd (DE)

Iggesund Paperboard Europe, Iggesund (SE)

Igepa group GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg (DE)

Lowdown Magazine, Berlin (DE)

At the end a little something to smile about: In an interview with Allesio Leonardi, we asked him what he was going to do until the end of the world, which according to the Maya calendar will take place at the end of 2012. Alessio left the answer to his alter ego Mr. Typo, which we would like to present to you here. Mr. Typo saves the world!