158 Answers


When did you think about making your very first typeface? How do you currently divide your time? Which sign is the most precious to you – if there is one? How do your current views on type design and typography compare to when you started 25 years ago?

Das sind vier der insgesamt 158 Fragen von elf Studenten des Type and Media postgraduate course an elf renommierte Typografen und Autoren. Die Studenten haben Persönlichkeiten ausgewählt, deren Arbeit mit ihrem eigenen Studium zusammenhängt: Ken Barber, Peter Bruhn, Christopher Burke, John Downer, René Knip, Radana Lencová, Martin Majoor, Jan Middendorp, Alejandro Paul, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès und František Štorm. Entstanden ist die Publikation “158 Answers”.

Typotheque bietet “158 Answers” als offset-gedrucktes Buch oder als eBook (in PDF, EPUB, und MOBI) an, und zeigt eines der Interviews auch online. Der Text wurde in der Brioni von Nikola Djurek gesetzt.


Vorwort von Peter Biľak:

“The Type and Media postgraduate course has existed in its current reincarnation for eight years. While the core of the course is based on the teachings of Gerrit Noordzij, it is also broadening its horizons through the involvement of a wide range of teachers. If we don’t count the visiting lectures, there are as many regular instructions as there are students. There is now a diversity of metholodogy: each teacher brings what they consider to be important for the education of the future type designers and typographers.

The Type and Media students decide to study there for a year, but they don’t necessarily make this choice because of the teacher’s names. The modest publication is an effort to expand the physical limitations of the traditional school by giving students the opportunity to choose persons relevant to their own studies, to interview them personally, if only for a short time.

The choices of interviewees are of interest: they complement what the course already offers. The students choose personalities whose work is related to their final project, where subjects can vary from Diwani (an Ottoman style of Arabic calligraphy), to Latin script typefaces at various optical sizes, to concepts based on the national characteristics of type.

Let‘s hope that the interviews go beyond their original purpose, creating interest and inspiration for any reader with an interest in type and design.”


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158 Answers
Eleven interviews conductedby the type]media 2009/2010


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