Acido Surtido


Lucas López, den wir auf der Colophon treffen werden, hat uns sein Projekt ACIDO SURTIDO vorgestellt. Dazu hat er Folgendes geschrieben:

„Acido Surtido is a publication on art and design distributed for free in the whole country. The first issue of Acido Surtido was published in 2001, as an answer to the lack of action and the downhearted feelings that was threatening the national cultural production in those days. Trying to take over collective construction common places, Acido Surtido opens itself to other voices, getting together in order to share.

A kind of generosity is underlying: those who offer the place, those who give their work, those who receive it and make its sense. There are some other principles. Avoiding commercialization and production paraphernalia that could make its cooperation spirit strange and move towards massive circulation. Betting on the quality of its contents secretly hoping to achieve fulfillment. In a nut shell: find the difficult balance between a high level publication and a self-produced fanzine.

Our publication is a printed 65 cm x 95 cm sheet of paper, created by different collaborators around the same topic which is a conceptual frame to trigger ideas. Not only the summoning topic/concept but also the participants are unique for each issue and define its personality.

Our collaborators come from different disciplines, but they are mostly linked to visual arts: designers, photographers, illustrators, fine arts artists. Like an avant-garde ” exquisite cadaver “, the summoned authors work in an independent way: nobody knows who the other participants are or what the other works are going to be like. At this stage, editors must personally follow each collaborator’s work and the integration of each work within the publication according to the most convenient criteria. Acido Surtido is free of charge for its readers and participants. It does not count on advertising spaces or sponsors of any kind whatsoever.“

Issue 14/ Power
Poster by Vasava
Poster 65 cm. x 95

Issue 13/ Luck
Poster by Andy Simionato and Karen Ann Donachie
Poster 65 cm. x 95
Title: Last Roll
Original objects provided by Michael, Milán
Pieces photographed by Karen ann Donnachie, Milán
Collage by Sergei Sviatchenko, Dinamarca
Collage photographed by Kurt Nielsen, Dinamarca
Lettering/ Text by Andy Simionato
Co-ordinated by Studio Donnachie/Simionato
with assistance by Alessandro Maffioletti

Issue 12/ Cruel
Poster by Alejandro Ros, Costhanzo, Nora Lezano y Daniel Link (from Argentina)
Poster 65 cm. x 95


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