BTP family


Die Type Foundry A is for Apple hat ihre Schrift BTP um drei Schnitte erweitert. Wer die eckige aber freundliche BTP Regular bereits kennen gelernt hat, darf sich darüber freuen, dass es sie jetzt auch als Light und Rotated Schnitt gibt.

Pressetext: You’ve already met BTP regular, it has now turned into a warm and loving family, including a light and rotated versions!

The corresponding rotated version comes as a gift if you buy any weight.

 So if you are one of our *dear* customers and you already bought BTP regular,
 you can either :

— claim BTP regular rotated for free ("I want the free stuff!")

— buy the light version for 50€ (including the light rotated, of course)

BTP Family

Foundry: A is for Apple
 Guillaume Grall, Jeremy Perrodeau & Émilie Rigaud
Erschienen: 2015
Format: OpenType Standard / Pro
Schnitte: Light, Light Rotated, Regular, 
Regular Rotated
Preis: Light oder Regular Schnitt + Rotated Schnitt € 70 
Preis Familie: BTP Complete € 120