Designer and architect HUY BUI, Brooklyn, New York City


Vor kurzem erhielten wir ein Interview von der Fotografin Andrea Altemüller mit dem Designer und Architekten Huy Bui aus NYC. Andrea besucht seit einigen Jahren Gestalterpersönlichkeiten um diese zu portraitieren. Schöne Erinnerung an unseren letzten Sommer in NYC.


1 – What makes you happy?
The process of growing with my work makes me happy. I have much gratitude to have the opportunities to work with so many good and talented people who share the same passions. 

2 – What inspires you and your work?
I’m inspired by the Cosmos and the laws of nature that make up the planets, stars and galaxies in our universe.  Our universe is a complex system and is on a scale so incomprehensibly vast and mysterious. It has a grounding effect, and has shaped my perspective of the world.  My work is a a microcosm and metaphor of many different interconnecting ecosystems.

3 – Which project has been the most important in your career – a so called  “turning point”. ?
The Plant-In City debut at the Mark Miller Gallery was the turning point in my career.  We raised/crowd-sourced funds for a large scale Installation through Kickstarter, and was well received through the press. They say,”necessity is the mother of invention” and Plant-in City is a clear testament to that idea. We had one clear goal of bringing nature to the city.  

4 . How old were you when you decided to become a designer/architect?
I was 28, when I left career in Real Estate Banking and graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Architecture. 

5 – How do you experience the United States in the moment?
It’s exciting to be in the US right now, it has a history of reinventing itself despite some complex and political behavior. There’s a movement of makers and doers that is setting a standard for a new way of living.

6 – How do you believe that your creations affect people?
I think my creations is a response to a new way of living with nature in the city.  I also believe my path is a reflection of how we humans can alter the course of our future.
I hope my creations inspire people to grow gardens on their urban rooftops, balconies and window sills.  I also believe my creations is partaking in a movement towards a sustainable way of living.  

7 – Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple once mentioned, how important it is to ask yourself, what would you do if tomorrow would be your last day?
I think it’s very important to understand and perhaps embrace one’s mortality. The universe has been around for billions of years.  Our moment as humans on Earth has been very short-lived.  Our lives are just a flash in cosmic time, yet we can accomplish and influence so much in such little time. I think it’s important to understand that all of our resources including our time is finite. Spend it wisely and do what you love and hopefully that brings a positive impact to your friends, community and the future generations to come.