Zur bereits bestehenden EngelNew, ein Font von Sofie Beier, gibt es nun eine Serif-Version. Die EngelNewSerif kompletiert mit 14 Schnitten die cleane, elegante Schrift zu einer einschlagenden neuen Text-Schriftfamilie.

Info about “EngelNewSerif STD”
Designer: Sofie Beier
Release: June 2010

EngelNewSerif STD contains complete character sets for Latin, English, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

EngelNewSerif is the corresponding Serif version, which completes EngelNew as seriously fresh text font family. The project started out with designer Sofie Beier wanting to extend character set of her best selling font Engel and to freshen it up for the OpenType format. In the process of revisiting the original Engel, Beier got carried away and made improvements to the individual letters and the overall look and came up with a complete redesigned EngelNewSans. To take the step even further, Sofie drew an additional Serif version, which magically keeps a balance of a young and fresh appeal but never looses its seriousness.

Sofie Beier is a designer/researcher/ lecturer and is currently employed at the Danish Design School, where she teaches graphic and type design on BA and MA levels. She was recently awarded a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. The focus of her thesis was the influence familiarity has on different kinds of typefaces. Beier’s current research project deals with typeface legibility on a more general level. The project compares ideas and findings on legibility related matters put forward by both designers and scientists.

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