The Fontscape font directory is designed to help you find the ideal typeface for your application, whether it's a publishing project, graphic design, logo, or simply a font for your document.
It includes fonts from over a hundred publishers, including Adobe, Agfa-Monotype, Berthold, Bitstream, Elsner+Flake, FontFont, ITC, Letraset, Linotype, P22, URW++, and many smaller foundries.

Application Typefaces classified according to their suitability for particular applications. Mood Choose a typeface to convey a particular mood or impression. Period Choose a typeface to capture a particular period or artistic movement. Appearance Typefaces that have a distinctive appearance. Classification The traditional typeface classifications, used by type historians and typographers. International Typefaces with a characteristic international flavour Simulation Typefaces that simulate the appearance of lettering written using a particular tool, such as felt-pen handwriting, or a rubber stamp. Alternatives Suggested alternatives to the popular typefaces, often supplied with computers or printers, that have become overused and over-familiar. Free Typefaces available for free download from their designers. Dimensions Choose a font with particular dimensions or metrics. Pictures Fonts containing collections of pictures. Symbols Fonts containing collections of symbols.

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