Social Typography


Als ich vor Kurzem zur Release Party von Slanted #21 in Paris war, ist mir Valentine Proust begegnet, die mir von einer Schriftenwerkstatt, oder besser einer Plattform der besonderen Art erzählt hat: FONTYOU ist der Name und wurde vor etwa einem Jahr von ein paar kreativen Leuten in Paris ins Leben gerufen.

Was FONTYOU macht, um was es geht und wie man selbst mitmachen kann, hat mir Valentine in einem kleinen Interview verraten:

What is FONTYOU and why how did it start?
FONTYOU is a ground-breaking collaborative font factory with an innovative web interface that allows creative designers to submit fresh and creative typographic ideas, co-create characters with other community members, and earn royalties for their contributions. Our first aim – when we started the project about six month ago – was to make type design more accessible to all the creative designers and push the boundaries of typography.

What are you doing at FONTYOU?
Today we are 10 typelovers in Paris (type designers, developers, webdesigners etc. you’ll find the complete team on our website). We are working on some co-created fonts you can find on We are also developing a private beta version of our font factory with about forty creative testers. We would like to release it publicly in september.



Which are your favorite typefaces in general and from FONTYOU?
From scratch, I’d say Archer by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Tiempos by Klim Type, Joos by Laurent Bourcelier, Seria by Martin Majoor, Filosofia by Emigre … but I’m sure if you ask me the same question tomorrow I’ll change my mind … But I really like slab serif typefaces in general that’s why if I love our font Achille FY with its singular curved & angular serifs.


What are you planning for FONTYOU’S future?
Last week we released our website (shop) as an introduction to the next step. This shop present our first co-created fonts, with graphic designers et type designers. Fonts will be soon available as webfonts. Furthermore we hope for success & lots of fresh and creative fonts & typevectors! I hope we’ll develop soon innovative typedesign tools online and imagine new ways to use and buy fonts.