GT America


Die Schweizer Type Foundry Grilli Type hat eine neue Schriftfamilie veröffentlicht – die GT America. Die Schrift kombiniert Gestaltungsmerkmale von American Gothic Schriften und europäischen Groteskschriften und bildet somit eine Brücke zwischen den Genres. GT America beinhaltet insgesamt 84 Schnitte mit sechs Weiten und sieben Gewichten. Zum Release hat Grilli Type zudem eine sehenswerte Miniwebsite für die Schrift gestaltet, welche ihr euch hier ansehen könnt.

GT America is the missing bridge between 19th century American Gothics and 20th century European Neo-Grotesk typefaces. It uses the best design features from both traditions in the widths and weights where they function optimally. Its eighty-four styles span across six widths and seven weights. It is exclusively available at Grilli Type.
With the release of GT America comes a fun website, which can be viewed here. Like the typeface itself, it combines the visual worlds of Switzerland and the United States in a playful manner. 
Gothic typeface designs in the United States and Grotesques in continental Europe did not evolve separately from each other. Yet Neo-Grotesk designs squarely build on the structure and ideals of European typefaces such as Scheltersche and Akzidenz Grotesk. 

GT America builds a bridge between the American Gothic and European Neo-Grotesk traditions with a Swiss approach. It uses the best design features from both type cultures in the widths and weights where they function optimally. That way, the two traditions come together to form a very large, yet coherent and functional typeface family. 

Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry. They offer original retail and custom typefaces, high quality products with a contemporary aesthetic in the Swiss tradition. This tradition is reflected in the visual but also the technical standard of fonts and service. Together with designers they create useful, high quality typefaces that stand the test of time.

GT America
Foundry: Grilli Type
Designer: Noël Leu
Veröffentlichung: Oktober 2016
Schnitte: 84 Schnitte
Preis pro Schnitt: ab 69,- Euro
Preis Familie: 870,- Euro


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