HWT Aetna

P22 & Hamilton Wood Type Foundry


Die HWT Aetna ist in Koorperation der P22 Type Foundry und Hamilton Wood Type entstanden. Sie verfügt über vier Schrift-Weiten, die auf den angebotenen Schriften von Hamilton Wood Type und den aus dem 19. Jahrhundert stammenden Schriften der Holzschnitt Manufakturen basieren. Darüber hinaus verfügt sie über vier Schnitte einer All-Caps-Version von Schatten-Lagen. Aaron Bell hat es mit der HWT Aetna geschafft den Geist der Holzschnitt-Schriften in die digitale Zeit zu übertragen. 

P22 Type Foundry and Hamilton Wood Type Foundry are very pleased to introduce the new Aetna font set that brings lost art of wood type streamers into the digital era. HWT Aetna is a revival of the sturdy Roman style of wood type most often called simply Aetna. This new digital version by Aaron Bell features four widths, all based on the various widths commonly offered by Hamilton Wood Type and other 19th Century wood type manufacturers. In addition, there is a four-layer all-caps version of Aetna, based on the the famous Wm. Page Co. chromatic types, that allows the user to easily create these chromatic streamer and shadow effects. Each of the multiple-width Aetnas and Streamer component fonts contain over 440 glyphs for extended support of Western and Eastern European languages.

P22 Type Foundry  is an independent design group, that has been making digital fonts inspired by historic lettering styles since 1994, and currently has over 1,000 unique designs in its font offerings. P22’s attention to historical accuracy and acknowledgment of source material, has made it a go-to source for iconic and important fonts including those associated with Johnston’s London Underground lettering, the Arts and Crafts movement, and other famous artists’ handwriting.

Hamilton Wood Type Foundry is a partnership between P22 Type Foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum that aims to bring 19th Century ingenuity into relevance with the latest online technologies. This joint venture will see a large collection of wood type faces converted into up-to-date font technologies by todays type designers. All sales of HWT fonts benefit the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Two Rivers WI.

Aaron Bell is type designer, typographer and graphic designer based in Seattle, WA. Passionate about Asian language and culture, his personal interests lie in the development and future of Korean typography and type design—a field he investigated while studying at the University of Reading, where he received a Masters of Arts in Typeface Design.

HWT Aetna

Foundry: P22 Type Foundry, Hamilton Wood Type Foundry
Designer: Aaron Bell
Release: September 12th 2017
Weights: Regular, Condensed, Extra Condensed, Double Extra Condensed, Streamer Outline, Streamer Fill, Streamer Shadow, Streamer Banner
Price per weight: 59,95 USD
Price full family: 99,95 USD 

As a special introductory offer, they’re offering any single Aetna font—or the full set—at 30% off the regular price.
 Discount available until 30th September 2017 


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