Karsten Petrat – Editorial Illustration

The graphic designer Karsten Petrat designs illustrations for newspapers and magazines. DIE ZEIT and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung have been producing his work for several years now. In German business journals and American and Canadian media, too, Petrat’s graphics are being seen more and more frequently. The University of Toronto magazine, UTSC Commons, included one of Petrat’s symbolic images on its cover in autumn 2013. Petrat’s illustrations make clear statements, always with a strong connection to the text. If, for example, you consider the lending practice of Spanish savings banks to be a brittle subject, you will understand the drama with Petrat’s graphics (commissioned work for DIE ZEIT). Karsten Petrat received his diploma in graphic design and visual communication from the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in 2007. He lives in Stegaurach in Upper Franconia, a town with (according to Wikipedia) 6,844 inhabitants.

Spiegelbild, STERN, 2013

Spanische Sparkassen unter vollen Segeln, DIE ZEIT, 2010

Globales Engagement, UTSC COMMONS, 2013

Schiffsfonds haben Probleme, DIE ZEIT, 2011

Telefonüberwachung durch die Polizei, DIE ZEIT, 2011

Levi’s wirbt auf Twitter, FORTUNE MAGAZINE, 2014

Copyright in der Musikindustrie, DIE ZEIT, 2012

Ausufernde Bankengesetze, NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG EQUITY MAGAZIN, 2013

Unternehmenskommunikation, NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG, 2010

Kreatives Dilemma einer Multiplen Persönlichkeit, Independent work 2008

Cover picture: Vernetzung durch Telekommunikation, NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG EQUITY MAGAZIN, 2014

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