Bei TypeTogether ist die neue Schrift Lisbeth von Louisa Fröhlich erschienen. Die Schriftfamilie besitzt nur Italics und besticht durch ihr außergewöhnliches Erscheinungsbild, welches sich von herkömmlichen Schreibwerkzeugen loslöst. Sie besitzt fünf Schnitte, welche ab 155 Euro erhältlich sind. 

Louisa Fröhlich’s Lisbeth is the charming all-italic trailblazer that handles branding and text with internal vividness. With no roman style, it’s an italic-only family whose creation was guided by imagination instead of restrictive writing tools. With branding and magazine usage in mind, Lisbeth addresses the distinct challenges of text and display in a characterful way. The curves of the text weights show a soft angularity, emphasising the handwritten quality and the subtle twist inside the letters. The stroke’s carefully balanced contrast is more pronounced in the vibrant heavier weights but almost absent in the graceful structure of the thin weight. The angle of the letters is almost upright and the x-height is relatively large, so longer texts can be read comfortably and without effort.

Lisbeth is slightly condensed and 
so uses a smaller area to efficiently impart much information. So if a type design can be thought of as the clothing letters wear, then Lisbeth is an energetic, freely flowing stroke wrapped around practical and efficient letter proportions. Another highlight of the family is the quirky high-contrast display style, easily catching every eye. The design concept of the twisted stroke shows at the extreme here and makes the letters dance a little on the page. Even though the shapes behave wildly, every letter is carefully balanced in itself so that the rhythmic repetition of the lettershapes results in an even and harmonic total picture. 

Lisbeth’s five text weights (from thin to bold) perform excellently in text settings, and its funky display style amps up the internal shimmer within each glyph. It supports numerous languages (Latin-A extended) and comes with ligatures and contextual alternates to produce beautiful typography. The character set contains proportional lining and oldstyle figures, tabular figures, subscripts, superscripts, and fractions. The complete Lisbeth family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses. 

Foundry: Typetogether
Designer: Louisa Fröhlich
Veröffentlichung: Januar 2017
Schnitte: Thin, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold 
Preis Familie: ab 155,- Euro