Livraison #8 »Translating«


Livraison is a contemporary arts journal published twice a year by rhinoceros, gathers various thoughts and artist’s contributions about a specific issue. Each issue of the bilingual, Strasbourg-based publication Livraison is at one and the same time a journal, a book, an exhibition and its catalogue – a hand-held assembly-line of differences.

Livraison #8 focuses on »Translating« – between languages, but also between images, codes and contexts. »We are all coauthors of – and thus co-accountable for – the state of the world,« suggests the editorial, »translating one cluster of unstable signs into another equally unstable form, destined to undergo translation in turn,« thus throwing the figure and function of the author, and authority, into question. Though comprised of a number of texts, the issue includes not a single typographical character, or merely in spectral form, transparently superimposed on the cover. Every text was written out by hand, thus re-translating text into image and drawing. Livraison #8 is less a publication dealing with translation than, in and of itself, a possible translation.

With contributions from: Oscarine Bosquet / Tony Chakar / Vuk Cosic / Carina Diepens / Gaetan Doremus / Jakup Ferri / Stephen Gill / Ghislaine Glasson-Deschaumes / International Errorists / Rada Ivekovic / Emily Jacir / Hashem El Madani / Jonathan Monk / Malik Nejmi / Antoinette Ohannessian / Jocelyn Robert / Klaus Scherubel / Sabica Senez / Mladen Stilinovic.

Rhinoceros, as a collective, does not speak in a single voice nor in a single language. Unlike usual collectives of modernity, rhinoceros does not proceed from any previously defines manifesto. Accordingly, Livraison, one among many other actions by rhinoceros, can be understood as a space for the confrontation of translations, at every level. (Pressetext)

Auf dem Buchrücken steht die Aussage »An artist who cannot speak English is no artist« – was die französichen Macher uns damit wohl sagen wollen? Die Handschrift auf dem Buchcover wurde übergens mit den gleichen Worten aus einem Schriftfont mit Drucklack überdruckt. Ergibt ein reizvolles Bild.

Wer mehr über rhinoceros und Livraison erfahren möchte, dem sei die Webseite ans Herz gelegt. Hier kann man die aktuelle Ausgabe natürlich auch bestellen.

Livraison #8
by: Hervé ROELANTS / Stephen WRIGHT

Sprache: Français/Anglais
Format : 16,5 x 24 cm
192 Seiten
Erschienen im Sommer 2007
Verkaufspreis : 13 Euro