Lonely Friends Club – Zine


The „Gropius Lonely Friends Club“ is a group of foreign students founded by Emily Tu, in 2005, at Bauhaus Universität, in Weimar.
In the suggestive environment of Weimar, students of the club have been working together on University projects and street art, but unfortunately, when semester ended, they all had to move back to their own countries. Now, members of Gropius Lonely Friends Club are in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium.

„Lonely Friends“ is our „club-zine“. Inside you can find drawings, graphics, illustrations and photos made by the lonely friends…
This first issue has a small format (10X14cm) and NEON yellow paper inside.

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Next issue will be ready as soon as possible.
For more information contact: safemail(‚ugolini.marco‘,’gmail.com‘)