Open Set – Dutch Design Summer School


Noch bis 01.06.2016 kann man sich für die Open Set Dutch Design Summer School in Rotterdam bewerben. Vom 24. Juli bis 06. August 2016 findet diese zum bereits 5. Mal mit zahlreichen Workshops statt. 

Slanted verlost exklusiv einen Workshop-Platz im Wert von € 900 für einen Gestalter! Um an der Verlosung teilzunehmen, schreibt eine Email mit dem Betreff »Open Set« bis zum Dienstag, den 24.05.2016, 11 Uhr, an [email protected]. Der Gewinner wird dann gezogen und benachrichtigt. Wer an der Verlosung teilnimmt, erkölärt sich damit einverstanden, News von Slanted zu erhalten. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Wir wünschen viel Glück!

A captivating theme to be inspired

This yearʼs Open Set will draw attention to the theme “Memories of the Future”, a program that explores how the notion and perception of memory can be used to stimulate alternative approaches towards the future. How are memory and the future connected? How do we activate memory? Is memory something set by our cultural frames of reference? “Open Set is about how the most influential international designers, artists, and thinkers together with the young generation of creatives influence the image and role of design today and tomorrow”, says Shapiro, artistic director of Open Set.

An ever growing mix of leading experts  

This year, Open Set is proud to feature new symposium, intensive workshops, and screenings by more than 16 different tutors and speakers both acclaimed and emerging: 
Åbäke & Dr. Sebastian Groes (UK)
Jan van Toorn & Els Kuijpers (NL)
Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar) (UK-NL) & Rejane Dal Bello (BR) & Bruno Setola (NL)
Alice Twemlow (UK) & Joanna van der Zanden (NL)
Na Kim (KR)
Max Bruinsma (NL)
Olia Lialina (RU-DE)
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (KR)
Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret (Thought Collider) (NL)

Open Set is for you to join!

Open Set is aimed at international graphic designers and the broad range of creative sectors including artists and researchers, and it is also open to non-designers who are interested in the research topic and can contribute from their professional perspective.

More about Open Set

The Dutch Design Summer School Open Set is an intensive two-week thematic programme consisting of a series of one or three day workshops, symposiums and film screenings, led by Dutch and international designers, artists and researchers. Our goal is to promote and enhance the social value of design by facilitating debates around our chosen theme from a rich diversity of perspectives, design trends, traditions, and across cultural practices. The event aims to offer international participants a studio environment where they are inspired to step out of their comfort zone and question the conventional ways of working, experiment with different strategies, techniques, ideas and cross-sector collaborations in order to develop their own practices with confidence.


Open Set is located in Rotterdam, one of the top-10 city destinations in the world! The program is hosted by Kunstblock Rotterdam, – a cooperation between different art institutions located on the cultural center of the city – Witte de Withstraat (Showroom MAMA, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, TENT, WORM,V2_Institute, CBK Rotterdam).