Open Source Festival Congress


Open Source—When many creative minds come together, new and innovative ideas emerge. This concept has always been at the base of the Open Source Festival. Since its first iteration ten years ago, creatives from Düsseldorf and all over the world have been excited to come to hear, see and experience its unique mixture of music, art and culture annually.

However, trying to create something new each time isn’t an easy undertaking. How do you keep the creative spirits flowing year after year? To spice up the mix, the organizers brought in a new format this year: The Open Source Festival Congress, which opened the day before. Here, creatives had an opportunity to hear prominent speakers talk about topics like design, philosophy, the future of food, digitalization, politics, architecture, biology and much more. There were panels, workshops and plenty of opportunity to become part of the conversation, ask questions and learn something new. It was a wonderful day full of inspiration and we hope the Open Source Festival Congress will become a permanent fixture of the event.