Place, a Non-Profit Project


Interessanter Gedanke: ein Buch geht um die Welt, 18 Monate lang, von Designer zu Designer…

In the world we live in everything is too quick. We suffer from an excess of superficial information. Talent is increasingly becoming a valuable rarity that is difficult to locate. The audiovisual discourse is reaching saturation point, becoming increasingly banal with perfectly foreseeable schemes.

It is becoming difficult to find creative visual arguments that will surprise a minimally street-wise, intelligent, trained user-reader-spectator with an experienced eye.
We seek islands of creative diversity where talent, that strange manifestation that arises like an elusive spark, will emerge from space-time coordinates that are different from conventional ones. Isolated sparks that break up the monotony. It is those flashes of life that we seek and aim to find in PLACE’s journey through the world.

PLACE is a creative and audiovisual research project that seeks to extract and bring to the surface the creative force of the individual in a dominant culture that has been homogenised to the point of sterilisation.
It is a barometer of contemporary creation and also an instrument for measuring and thinking about how we are building our history.

What shape does Place take?
PLACE is a blank travel book with 350 29,5 x 37 cm pages that will go round the world, becoming impregnated with the experiences and creative and artistic thoughts of PLACE’s different collaborators.

What is the mechanics of Place?
PLACE will simultaneously travel to the east and to the west for 18 months, visiting a total of 36 participating designers. A box with a book, a “blank” T-shirt and a video camera will be the baggage of each one of the two monthly destinations.

Who makes Place?
PLACE is an idea from the Vasava team that is formed by a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from different fields of communication and culture. Sponsored by Caroche Jeans from the Sáez Merino Group.
The participants are outstanding creatives and new talents from the field of design in five continents. They will be the hosts, receptors and co-creators of PLACE.

What is the spirit of Place?
PLACE encourages us to look at our surroundings with a creative spirit and to decide what is genuine and unique in the place where we live. PLACE is a way of “seeing” and “discovering”, an exercise in creative thought that invites us to take over the places where we live, together with their social, human and artistic structures as the axis for inspiration and for working in.
What does Place seek?
PLACE seeks exciting places, inspiring through their context and location, that will allow us to develop our own creative visions.
It is a sincere document that aims to find some answers to the multiple questions that spring to mind when we reflect on the creative act as a social driving force.


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