progetto grafico


Progetto grafico ist ein Grafikdesign-Magazin aus Italien, das nun seit 10 Jahren auf dem Markt ist und von Aiap herausgebracht wird. Im Frühling 2013 erschien die 23. Ausgabe, bei der ein Redesign durchgeführt wurde. Seit 2012 sind Riccardo Falcinelli und Silvia Sfligiotti für die Inhalte verantwortlich.

A reference for the culture of visual communication design in Italy since its beginning, Progetto grafico has now undergone a renovation, including a new editorial style, new graphics and an English translation of the whole text.
The idea is that Progetto grafico should be a critical forum on graphic design. For that reason a monographic approach was chosen, which will make it possible to analyze a number of topics in depth, including contributions from inside and outside the industry. The topics will be announced beforehand, so a larger number of contribution can be obtained. Aside from the main section, there will be an “off-topic” section for articles on different themes.
On the whole, Progetto grafico does not aim at presenting news stories, but is an attempt to look at ongoing developments from the right distance.

The magazine will come out every six months, once in spring and once in autumn.

Progetto grafico 23: How Images are used

by Riccardo Falcinelli and Claude Marzotto

This working theme is based on the assumption that the meaning of an image is mainly determined by its use. The same image takes on different meanings whether it is published in a newspaper article or on a packaging item. The use of existing images and imagery in new communication contexts may have the consequence, intended or otherwise, of changing, renewing, neutralizing, subverting meanings previously assigned to those images. 

Since it’s commonplace to say we’re surrounded by images, nowadays there’s all the more reason to wonder what their real power might be. This overgrowth of images has made our responsabilities clear: what counts more than any hypothetical meaning they might have is how we decide to use them. Such choices entail consequences on both formal and, more often, ethical levels. A lot of this issue deals with photography: photos, with their apparent contiguity to the real world, seem like innocent, obvious objects (we have thousands on our computers and mobile phones) and, more than illustration or painting, they seem like today’s default type of image. But there is nothing more insidious than innocence.

Herausgeber: Riccardo Falcinelli, Silvia Sfligiotti
Verlag: Aiap
Gestaltung: Alizarina e Falcinelli & Co.
Veröffentlichung: Frühling 2013
Umfang: 160 Seiten
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Sprache: Italienisch, Englisch
ISSN: 1824-1301
Preis: 15 Euro