Rodeo 27 / Plastickid


Hey! F*** computers, scheint da einer zu sagen. Alles wird analog gemacht. Und er zeigt uns wie. Jakob Printzlau aus Dänemark ist Herausgeber des Magazines rodeo27 gewesen (Ausgabe 6 ist die letzte gewesen)

Other than being an online magazine it is a protest more than anything. Rodeo 27 is a revolt against commercialism, and an ongoing series of splash strips involving various designers. Rodeo 27 is a non profit playground for graphics and art. We only serve the few who care and we do little to please the masses. We oppose against the general idea, that all Internet content should be light, focused on profit, and built for 10 second browsing.
If the Internet is meant to promote capitalism we will throw a rock in the machine!
Rodeo 27 will disregard:
Internet speed and loading time, screen resolution, short attention spans, usability rules, money, paychecks and target groups.
To consider:
Passion. Curiosity. Inspiration. Artistic freedom and expression. The right to sabotage predestined law for design and visualization. Patience. Relations between designers, and the joy of looking at beautiful things….


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