Slanted’s New Neon by Sygns


Finally it’s done: We moved with the Slanted office! You can now find us at Nebeniusstraße 10 in Karlsruhe—just follow the pink light of our new neon from Sygns, set in Rialto Script, designed by Zuzanna Rogatty (The Designers Foundry).

Sygns is a young company that produces and designs neon. In their offices in Berlin and Copenhagen, they experiment with the technical aspects, aesthetic features and history of neon. With the team combining designers, artists, engineers and glassblowers, the work goes far beyond mere production: Sygns reinvents neon—as a form of personal creative expression, as an object of design and as a medium of contemporary art.

Sygns was founded in March 2014 with the aim of making lighting installations universally accessible: through an integrated user experience and affordable prices. They want to facilitate people’s access to neon by acting as an intermediary between craftsmen and customers. In doing so, they produce neon installations 1:1 according to the customers’ ideas, while preserving the decaying craftsmanship of neon glassblowing.

Whether it’s an individual drawing, lettering or logo – all of this can be commissioned by e-mail to [email protected]. At, however, customers can also order lettering in various fonts, colors and sizes directly via the configurator or purchase a neon from one of the artist editions. Designs are also available offline at a handful of select retail stores.

Many thanks to Sygns for the great support!