Solide Mirage

Velvetyne Type Foundry


Für das neue Album der Band Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, welches am 3. März veröffentlicht wird, hat Velvetyne Type Foundry zwei brandneue Schriften herausgebracht, die den Namen des Albums tragen: Solide Mirage. Enthalten sind viele überraschende Elemente – beispielsweise mischte Jérémy Landes, co-founder der Foundry und Designer der Schrift, klassische Versalien mit verspielteren Formen und kürzeren Unter- und Oberlängen. Die Schrift ist kostenlos bei Velvetyne Type Foundry erhältlich. 

Velvetyne Type Foundry are preparing the release of a brand new font on march 3. Jérémy Landes, co-founder of the foundry, created two typefaces for the release of the next album of the music band Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, called Solide Mirage, from which the typefaces got their names. The album and the fonts will be out on the same day. 

In the beginning, Frànçois asked Jérémy Landes to design a logo for his band. They needed a sign for use as replacement of their long name tag. Bodoni faces appeared to be an obvious inspiration as it was used in several versions on all the band’s medias. As the fonts always were set in caps, he decided to draw a unicase, allowing the band to mix different shape families by stirring lowercases and uppercases together. If the caps remain quite classical, the lowercases show a stronger temperament. All the lowercases that should have ascenders or descenders, for excample the b, d, p or q are the most suprising, with their compressed shapes and long serifs.

Solide Mirage began as a squared monospaced typeface, for practical layout reasons, quickly followed by a proportional companion, a more narrow design to allow subtler text layouts. Both typefaces have ornamental alternates A, O and V inheriting the zig-zag spirit of the album cover created by visual artist Tatiana Defraine. A small set of ornaments have been drawn too, and are widely used in the album leaflet. The Solide Mirage Typefaces are available for free at Velvetyne Type Foundry.

Solide Mirage

Foundry: Velvetyne Type Foundry
Designer: Jérémy Landes of Studio Triple
Veröffentlichung: März 2017
Format: OpenType, TrueType
Schnitte: Mono, Etroit
Preis Familie: kostenlos