Spasejunk Gallery


Spacejunk kommt aus Frankreich und ist eine Plattform für junge Künstler. Ein paar schöne, ungesehene Arbeiten. Surf!

Board Culture is here to stay. This catalogue and the artists presented within are proof of its vitality. SpaceJunk is a space dedicated to the graphical arts of the Board Culture. All 6 artists featured here for the 2004 – 2005 season have a professional link to the board-riding industry. In this, our second catalogue, SpaceJunk relates all of this season’s exhibits as well as the events we participated in. You are again invited to discover, in words and images, the work of these Board Culture artists.
This year we were pleased to welcome several artists from abroad: Alix Lambert, an American; Jamie Strachan and Jono Wood, both English; and Norwegian, Bjorn Mortensen. They signed four of the six solo shows of the year, ensuring an international calendar next to French artists Agnès Piéta and François Lartigau.
Thanks to all of them, SpaceJunk confirms its aspiration to break down barriers and provide positive proof of the bond that links this artistic youth across the world.
We are not ahead of our time; we just have our eyes wide open…


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