Thesaurus Display Italic



Vor einem Jahr veröffentlichte die Typefoundry Typotheque die elegante Serifenschrift Thesaurus. Nun – ein Jahr später – brachte der Schriftgestalter Fermín Guerrero auch eine Display Version mit Italics heraus, die sowohl für kurze Texte, als auch in Kombination mit anderen Stilen der Thesaurus sehr gut verwendet werden kann.

One year ago Typotheque published Thesaurus, a typeface inspired by the types that Robert Estienne brought from Paris to Geneva. Now they expand its collection of display fonts with italic styles that make Thesaurus sharper and even more dignified!

Based on feedback from Thesaurus’ first users, Fermín Guerrero created new, high-contrast display styles, which required rethinking many of the original terminations and removing optical compensations designed to enhance small sizes. The result is a confident yet elegant typeface that can be used on its own to set short texts, or in combination with other styles of Thesaurus to create complex hierarchies.

Thesaurus is available in two optical sizes, one optimised for smaller text sizes, another for larger headline use—making it a great choice for practical text typography, and editorial design.

Thesaurus Display Italic

Foundry & Designer: Typotheque, Fermín Guerrero
Release: 2018
Format: otf
Weights: Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic
Price per weight: 90,– Euro
Price family Display: 360,– Euro
Price full family: 520,– Euro