Typo/graphic Posters


Typo/graphic Posters ist eine Plattform zur Inspiration und Promotion der Posterkultur. Sie wurde von André Felipe 2008 ins Leben gerufen und kann eine beträchtliche Menge an qualitativ hochwertigen Plakatdesign vorweisen. Grund genug, André zu seinem Projekt zu befragen.

When and why did you start typo/graphic posters?
It started in the end of 2008 and I can't really define why. It was a sum of things: I had a school project about posters, I was passionate about type and posters (who isn't), I was testing some web tools, then it came to myself to wrap something into a name and found out that the typographicposters.com domain was available, I invited other designer to join in and there we go.

There is no cool and emotional reason about the beginning of our project. But I can say it only exists until now because it was honest since day one and it is not run on bad commercial or self-promotional goals. People are very available to honest projects and very kind to promote what they like.

How did the page develop since its start?
It evolves like I did in web development, so it wasn't and isn't perfect till today. All updates and made by myself so I owe a lot to our users if I compare to other web services and also because sometimes I am pushed to focus more on business and leave the updates on hold.

What makes a good typo/graphic poster?

Do you have favorite posters?
Sorry, I don't. Each are an excitement apart.

How can people join the project?
Just follow to www.typographicposters.com/join-us and please be patience if I don't answer right away, I am by myself and have problems with stopping time.

What are your plans for the future?
Upgrade massively the website, both on the public end as the member's. To develop a very efficient system for the website to live on it's own. And, of course, promote our member's dearest efforts on poster design like in our recently release book, in partnership with IdN: idnproshop.com