LOST – Issue #2

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Das LOST Magazin ist eine Entdeckung aus dem fernen China. Es beinhaltet wahre Geschichten von Autoren aus der ganzen Welt, die durch das Reisen zu sich selbst finden. Es geht nicht darum hip zu sein, oder die angesagtesten Hotels oder Touristenorte zu finden, sondern sondern um die Erfahrung mich sich selbst.

LOST is a magazine about self-discovery through travel. It is a magazine that features real stories, personal reflections and epiphanies from people around the world. It believes that travel isn’t about fancy hotels or tourist destinations, but about immersing oneself in someplace entirely foreign to feel extremely uncomfortable so that one can learn from it. It believes that travel is a state of mind.

To open your eyes, To gasp for air, To feel hungry, To taste blandness, To take your time, To take a risk, To hesitate, To be curious, To be defeated, To lose control, To wake in a strange place, To feel the warmth of the sun, To forget where you are, To lose sense of direction, To meet strangers, To be misunderstood, To step into the unknown, Is to travel.

In “.Raw”, Harvard Wang shares his honest and raw thoughts about travel based on his neglected photos of Japan.

André Troost from South Africa writes about his trip to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia where he witnesses the convergence of salt, sun and water in his story “Convergence.”

Spanish photographers Dani Pujalte and Rita Puig-Serra share their experience in “Coneja vs Dulce” where they spend a weekend with a family who lives in Las Margaritas, and witness the horse races in the middle of the desert.

Dominic Tan shares his passion in seeking out faded traces of different quiet societies such as the Oroqen Reservation in “Lost Worlds.”

John Zhao, a film director based in NY, who was supposed to spend his winter break finishing his screenplays, somehow wound up in Mexico and came home with no screenplays. To make up for the work that he never completed, he presents his trip to Mexico in the screenplay format, titled “Papaya Skies.”

In “Farming in Hokkaido,” Pkae from Singapore shares her warm and nourishing experience in Hokkaido where she and her friends learned how to farm by living and helping out with the local farmers.

Issue Two stories:
Ucanca / .Raw / Convergence / Never Give Up, Beauty Awaits / Coneja Vs Dulce / Lost Worlds / Papaya Skies / Farming In Hokkaido / Strangers In A Place Called Home / Eclectic Anecdotes In Japan / Hair Changes With Mood, Fashion From Your Head / Once

Issue Two contributors: Jessica Polar, Harvard Wang, Andre Troost, Chow Wailing, Rita Puig-serra, Dani Pujalte, Dominic Tan, John Zhao, Pkae, Daniel Tam-claiborne, Julian Lim, Jesper Larsson, Robert Nilsson, Yinguo

LOST – Issue #2

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Veröffentlichung: September 2015
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