Giulia Munari


Giulia Munari
designer / art director

Giulia Munari was born in Modena (Italy.) She has been consistent with her artistic studies starting from High School where she became intimate with industrial design, developing an intense interest for materials, textures, and the various techniques to work with them.
In 2007 she moved to Milan to follow this interest, choosing Communication and obtaining her Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Art Direction. While in Milan she had the opportunity to work for Lisa Farmer at Process4, and for Claudia Neri at Teikna Design Inc.
She didn't lose any time, and in 2009 she relocated to Germany to work for Meta Design in Berlin and for Jung von Matt a year later in Hamburg. The Summer of 2011 she returned to the German capitol to work freelance for artists and small agencies in the advertising, fashion, and music fields; creating great works out of small budgets.
She is a tireless creative and curious person, blogger, and archivist; keeping herself updated on photography, design, fashion and art. She believes in her work as her primary form of expression.


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