Brand Memory Game

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Memory-Spiele kennen wir alle noch aus Kinderzeiten – nun ist bei Bis Publishers das neue Brand Memory Game von Hendrik-Jan Grieve erschienen, mit dem jede/r testen kann, wie gut er die ein oder andere Marke erkennt!

Pressetext: Trademarks are registred in our heads every day. Not so much in paper contracts, but in our heads. As a product of our visual culture, they become part of our natural environment. Most people today can identify  logo’s than birds or tree species. Brand Memory is a playful excercize in brand recognition that encourages the players of the game to read pictures and to look at language. It can be played by very young and very old people alike, but is also a great conversation tool for designers, visual intellectuals, brand managers and marketing gurus, type addicts and anti-globalisation activists.

Brand Memory Game

Gestaltung: Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Herausgeber: Bis Publishers
Verlag: Bispublishers
Veröffentlichung: 10. Januar 2012
Umfang: 60 Karten
Format: 15 x 7,6 x 5,4 cm
Sprache: International
ISBN-13: 978-9063692629
Preis: € 15 

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