100 beste Plakate 2020 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz

100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz

Largest Annual Poster Competition in the German-Speaking World Starts Now

Author: Lara Zettl

Who hasn’t already heard from one of the most important competitions for graphic designers with a passion for extraordinary posters, shouldn’t miss the following information, which were published only recently. The competition of the 100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz starts today on December 14th, 2020, and we can’t wait to see all the fantastic plays with color and typography artistry, the visionary illustrations and stunning graphic design. When graphic worlds of ideas in a wide variety of formal languages, student poster projects and commissioned work by established graphic designers come together, then it is in the exhibition for the competition 100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz.

Every year, the entries to the largest annual poster competition in the German-speaking world are selected. Only the hundred best make it into the highly regarded traveling exhibition, where the masterpieces can be viewed. Last year the jury had 695 posters in their final selection with 294 individual posters and 117 series with 401 posters from a total of 251 applicants. The jury, chaired by Julia Kahl (Slanted), Michel Bouvet, Benjamin Buchegger (Beton), Götz Gramlich and Isabel Seiffert (Offshore Studio), made their preselection online. Of the 100 winning posters and series, 45 came from Germany, 52 from Switzerland and three from Austria. Last year the 100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz shined unsurprisingly with bright gems from artists and designers like Eric Andersen, Zoe Barceló and many others.

The procedure is the same as in previous years: Eligible to enter are designers, clients and printers from the three countries with posters of all themes, formats and printing techniques designed and printed in 2020. Practice shows that the requirements and objectives for posters can vary widely. To create some clarity, a classification of the submissions according to categories is to be made, while the number of awards per category is not determined in advance. The decision in favor of one of the three categories must be made in the process of registration per poster or poster series. This year’s selection will be made amongst others by Xavier Erni, Andrea Gassner, Na Kim, Franziska Morlok, and Markus Weisbeck.

100 beste Plakate 20 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz

Registration: online
Deadline: January 20th, 2021
Selection: Online preselection with a final jury session at March 4th/5th, 2021

Categories: (A) Posters as advertising media for business, culture and social affairs, commissioned works with posting in semi-public or public space
(B) Posters as self-advertisement, as author graphics or as experiment
(C) Posters by students, realized with school accompaniment

Fee: Participation is subject to a fee (from 50.– Euro, graded according to the number of posters), students and members of 100 Beste Plakate e. V. receive a 50% discount.

All those interested in participating will find the information in the following days here or in this pdf

Visual by Bueronardin
Photography by Niko Havranek
Poster by Michele Forzano

100 beste Plakate 2020 Deutschland Österreich Schweiz

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