12ET Matter of Type

12th annual Typography Meeting

Matter of Type

Author: Juliane Noest

In December of 22 we had the honor of being invited to attend and to speak at the 12th annual Typography Meeting (“Encontro de Tipografia”) in Portugal. This time it took place in Covilhã at the University of Beira Interior and stood under the theme “Matter of Type.” It is organized by the Faculty of Arts and Letters and the Arts Research Group of LabCom—Communication and Arts.

The Typography Meeting is an annual international scientific event based in Portugal that gathers researchers, practitioners, pedagogues, students, and industry partners. Their goal is to bring together leading individuals and projects in the Typographic panorama to: disseminate research and technical knowledge; foster learning, inspiration, and critical thinking; and contribute to the discussion and the development of ideas in Typography and Typeface Design.

The four conference of the 12th annual Typography Meeting days were filled with a lot of workshops, talks, panels, and keynotes with inspiring and groundbreaking topics under the broader theme of typography and design. From traditional analog calligraphy to kinetic typography and artificial intelligence, hybrid forms of design and typography, back to letter-carving in stone—the conference penetrates the topic in an intense and exciting way. Paired with the highly passionate and interested people attending the conference and coming from all over the world, the atmosphere left a lasting and inspiring impression!

Thank you again for having us and we are very excited to see what topics will be discussed at the conference next year!

12ET Matter of Type

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