28th Leipziger Typotage 2023

28th Leipziger Typotage 2023

Museum für Druckkunst

Author: Josephine Schroeder

The 28th Leipziger Typotage 2023 celebrated the different facets of the pleasure of typography, from the desire for tactile experiences in the digital age through calligraphy and letterpress, to the pleasure of experimenting with new techniques and exploring new perspectives. We had the honor to take part in the event at the Museum for the Printing Arts in Leipzig on last Saturday, May 13th. It was a day full of various inspiring talks on typeface design, visual communication, and typography research.

The event began with a talk by Swiss designer and letterpress printer Dafi Kühne, who discussed his work and the question of the sense and nonsense of this time-intensive process. Christine Hartmann moderated the conference, and Petra Wöhrmann spoke about her journey from interfacedesigner to lettering artist, discussing the analog moment around the typeface.

Ann Bessemans talked about the contrasting views of designers, educationalists, and scientific legibility researchers concerning children’s typefaces and the need for collaboration between these parties. Furthermore, the conference included a presentation by Birgit Alabowitz from the Achilles Group, showcasing different techniques for enhancing print products for all senses, discussing the imitation of nature, different types of lamination films, screen printing, embossing, and how these products can be recycled.To the delight of the audience, many haptic examples from the Achilles Group’s portfolio were also shown.

Moritz Schefers from the studio Houhou in Leipzig-Lindenau discussed the fascinating world of Risograph printing, its development, how it works, and how it has become a community of its own. Céline Hurka, a freelance graphic and typeface designer based in The Hague, discussed the political and experimental potential of variable font technology, and how it can be used to challenge traditional typographic conventions. She also talked about here collaborations with various artist and the launch of her own foundry. Stefanie Vogl, a type designer, photographer, illustrator, and art director, shared her experience with maintaining a passion for typeface design and avoiding creative blocks. Finally, Anja Rauenbusch from the Hamburg-based Bureau Oberhaeuser discussed the role of typography in information design and how it can connect and unify complex information in digital and analog contexts.

During the lunch break, there was the opportunity to go guided by Dafi Kühne through his exhibition “Dafi Kühne: Buchdruckplakate?” at theMuseum for the Printing Arts in Leipzig. The exhibition showcases about 100 posters designed by him for art and culture, demonstrating the potential of letterpress printing using various tools and materials, while providing insights into his creative process.

The 28th Leipziger Typotage celebrated the joy of typography in its various forms and presented a diverse program for typography enthusiasts. The whole day was excellently planned and wonderfully executed by all speakers and organizers. The location of the event at the Museum for the Printing Arts in Leipzig was also a great enrichment, where one could take a look at old and new printing presses between the lectures. Many thanks and see you next time!

28th Leipziger Typotage 2023

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