A’ Design Awards & Competition—Winners announced

Author: Slanted editors

Under the motto “Ars Futura Cultura”, i.e. “Art for the Culture of the Future”, the A’ Design Award took place and honored 2437 winners from 106 countries in 98 different design disciplines. “We believe that the future is shaped by art, design and technology, so good design is needed for a better future,” said the initiators.

You’ll find all the winning works in the online gallery, but we’d like to introduce you to a few selected works here (see the chronological pictures in the picture column):

Reading Goethes Faust by Tatjana Medvedev
A modular book consisting of 10 booklets, each with a different reading direction.

Power of Play by Mina Lynn Sohn
A colourful event design, inspired by toy shapes.

Museum of Illusions by Dragan Vejnovic
A CI for the Museum of Illusions, which also graphically plays with illusion and reality.

Gravity Cat by Yukiko Kuribayashi
This construct redefines gravity.

Project EGG by Michiel van der Kley
The project is the largest community 3D print object to date - impressive!

Bullet + Stone by Joseph Di Benedetto
An exceptional collection of door handles that plays with the materiality of metal and concrete.

Souryu Sake by Yoshiki Uchida
Sake Packaging Design with focus on the visualization of water, the most important element in the production of the Japanese beverage.

LIFEWTR Series 6 by PepsiCo
Brand design for a creative platform.

Binh by Ian Wallace
A coffee package that changes its colour all the time.

7UP Egypt by PepsiCo
This special edition shows the creative, diverse Egyptian culture.

Studio by Wim Dijksterhuis
Colourful animation for the STUDIO i, the platform for integrative culture of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

PosterLad by Vratislav Pecka
An ongoing poster project that originated in Prague in 2016.

Very nicely designed environmental statement.

Science is O2 by VISANG
A workbook for students that conveys knowledge through sophisticated graphics.

Vanke Town Sales Office by Kirin Wetland
An impressive building, which is located on a wetland and represents a successful symbiosis between building and nature.

Chinese Spirit 18 Neo-Chinese by Kaishan
Inspired by Chinese painting and the asymmetrical structure of the label, a unique label is created.

Found Awareness by Chris Slabber
Exciting composings from photographs taken through a microscope.

Eye Candy by Mathew Guido
Inspired by Rembrandt's lighting mood, this photo series was taken in the dark with neon light reflected in the glasses.

Le Morne Lunch Box by Jeffrey Wan You Sew
A fancy, thoughtful lunch box that adapts.

You can find more information about the A Design Award here. If you want to apply for the competition, you can register here.

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